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My name is Bee Brook  aka ‘ForgottenBee’,  I was born in Greenwich and raised in Kent the youngest of 3 children to tough Northern parents. I didn’t really enjoy living in Kent, I never felt the energy was right for me, so I was always searching for a place to plant my roots. On moving to Somerset in 2006, I instantly felt the positive creative pull and can honestly say it’s the first time I have felt like I’m home. From a young age I always kept a diary I was regularly writing poetry to help balance the demands and hurdles of growing up in a loud family and never finding a voice, whilst dealing with hormones and emotions. Often my poetry and diary entries evolved into short stories based on life experiences.

I have had a varied and interesting working career which began in banking and international banking from the age of 16, teaching fitness, dance and aerobics, managing beauty departments in hotels and health spas, managing my own holistic therapy business and private training school, teaching in further education, working as a PA to  Fine Artist and full time carer.. To now being an events manager, poet, writer and radio presenter, online through skype and spreaker with Canadian DJ Doctor Bones @Drcbones and on the  Local radio station FromeFM – ‘From the Hive’:

One of my biggest achievements to date was whilst working as PA to Fine Artist Elliott Brook from 2006 – 2013. In 2012 we secured Arts Council England funding with an 8000 word application I put together for Elliott Brook’s “Goaloids” on Shepherds Bush Green London, to commemorate the 1906 London Summer Olympics and celebrate London2012. We also achieved the coveted ‘Inspire Mark’ for the project.

I am continually writing poetry, performing spokenword for radio and my soundcloud account and working as a music journalist. My current projects in Event Management have been to curate ‘The Bruton Poetry Platform’  – At the Chapel as Vice Chair of Bruton Festival of Arts:

I am currently curating a new event for The Wells Festival of Literature called ‘Write Up! Speak Up!

Read my Interview here : ‘How do you Take your Coffee’

and Spoken Word open mic events at Bruton Art Factory. As well as working with musicians and artists on new projects;


The Edge of the Sea by Morocco Dave feat. ForgottenBee


Lay the Country Down by Lemonade Kid feat. Forgottenbee


And a new project with @BroxGabriel later in the year…..


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