together we can do this by ForgottenBee

the machines beeped relentlessly

figures flashed in different colours on the screens up and down

as he sat ‘standing guard’ by his side

the toxic smell of cleaning products drifted tirelessly up his nose

making him retch

he tried to switch his mind to something else

how he hated coming here

this place brought back so many memories; not all good

and fear

he opened the paper and started reading out loud

he felt a fool

then his mind drifted to happier days and funny moments

he shared the joke

anything to provoke

a sign of life

a movement

a word

he put the cd in the player, surely music would win

but still nothing

placing his hand on his

he leant forward and gave him a kiss

“it’s been fun, let’s talk again tomorrow mate,

together we can do this!”

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