The Calm

Words are thrown with force

shattering the inner peace,

no joyful smile to lessen the blow,

build up of intensity chemicals flow.

Series of sharp, painful stings

as harsh the energy cutting the calm,

rapid swirling waves within,

unceasing, severe the sickness brings.

Panting, panting tightened chest,

short and quick shallow breath,

aching rushes muscles tighten,

bones feel weakened fragility heightened.

No way out, no open door

no helping hand to share the fear,

confused, no clarity or better path to choose,

cornered, self worth broken, everything to prove.

Wanting it to stop, the hurt too great to bear,

gathering the strength but there’s nothing left there,

dig deep, dig deeper, again find self belief

the calm reinstated, as anxiety forced to leave.


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