The Definition of Regret – A poem specially created for @MuseumOfRegret



The Definition of Regret

By ForgottenBee


R eflecting on

E vents

G rieving, giving

R eason for wanting to

E rase

T ime past decisions……..(ForgottenBee 2017)


It’s that slipping through your fingers,

when you know you should have caught.

Never knowing when to close your mouth,

instead of slinging words with lack of thought.


Living everything in excess,

never knowing when to stop.

Web surfing without a reason,

only just the need to shop.


Agreeing to help others,

when you’re in the greater need.

Trusting when you know you shouldn’t,

caging a heart when it should be freed.


Waking up the morning after,

wondering how you ended up there.

Saying yes and then resenting,

feeling life is so unfair.


The kiss that nearly changed your path,

a rush of passion from the soul.

Not trusting your intuition

or setting challenges and future goals.


The dream job you’ve always wanted,

doubts arise you don’t apply.

Travelling the world is an adventure,

but you’re too afraid to fly.


Is it worth carrying the burden,

the negativity from day to day?

When it no longer brings future changes,

or will ever go away.


Follow your dreams and trust your instincts,

take risks and start to grow.

Be yourself and practise kindness,

forgive and let the hurting go.


Be sure in your decisions,

and live life with positive verve.

Never look back with woe and sadness,

just embrace the lessons learnt.


No regrets


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