FREE Admission GreedyBeePromotions presents: David 9 Lunas and Jon Magnusson LIVE @ Bruton Castle 8pm Thursday 10th August.

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GreedyBeePromotions Presents:

“David 9 Lunas is both an accomplished singer/songwriter and guitarist. A hard core professional soloist, David’s material stretches from a raw bluesy feel through to the more elegant influence of the likes of Nick Drake and Roy Harper. His voice is hauntingly compelling and accomplished by his sophisticated guitar playing, simply demands attention!”

Jon Magnusson is an indie folk songwriter/artist/producer and also independent music promoter from Stockholm. The music he writes and plays is often plain folk with a touch of rock and punk influences and an occasional jazzy beat thrown in to keep listeners on their toes. most of all, it’s his thoughts and feelings put to lyrics and chords that are encouraging people to hear more of his repertoire that’s now being shared with the world.

Jon is currently on Tour for the first time in the UK.


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