‘What’s for Tea?’ by ForgottenBee


Full day at work

and as I get in through the door,

what’s the first thing that greets me

“What’s for Tea?”

nothing more!


I can’t think what I fancy

and neither can you,

though it’s always pushed back

to me

as my job to do.


To create, and conjure up

be as artistic as I might.

Yet what I want to cook for ease,

never seems to be ‘alright!’


I don’t mind cooking

I’ve learnt over time.

To whip up something cool in minutes,

that often tastes sublime.


What I find difficult to understand,

are the ideas I suggest

are never pleasing to your ears

or what your body  wants to digest.


But If I had the money,

a funky chef I would employ

to daily design recipes

that we all could enjoy!


No more bickering over meal times,

wasting energy on over thinking

leaving more time for each other

to enjoy the accompanying wine we’re drinking!


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