ForgottenBeeblog talks to David 9 Lunas


ForgottenBee chats to David 9 Lunas about broken instruments, the significance of the number 9 and early mornings in his shed.

FB  1/    You have had some memorable situations growing up with broken or lost musical instruments, this doesn’t seem to have stopped you fulfilling your passion to become a musician. Tell us more?

 At the age of four the song that got me was the Beatles “ticket to Ride” R-Ha-Ha-Ide that was the hook. I loved it!

Later I would use that song to expel any sadness while shadow boxing around the playground, like Cassius Clay.

The school I attended took the initiative to teach guitar and I loved showing off what I could learn quickest while singing and dancing.

I guess I always knew being a musician was what I believed I was.

My Aunt, Daisy Voisin the Perang Queen of Trinidad is really responsible. My passion is genetic partly I believe.

FB  2/  What was it like to be top of the charts, No 1 in Ireland with the band ‘No Sweat’ in 1990?

Naturally glorious and victorious and a little bit frightening between time too. The noise level rises, the smiles more excited, the tooing and froing between longer waiting—the expectations that start to weigh heavy on band members amidst touring, interviews and signings to find out more what’s going on at any given moment.

Because there are so many other people involved with that success, all can /does appear quite chaotic and inevitably having a chart topping No.1 taught me to take control of my music.


FB  3/  Throughout your musical career you have played a great deal of venues all over the world, do you have any favourites and why?

 Not really, I just love a receptive audience.

FB  4/  Take us through the song writing process for you? Do you have any rituals or does the creativity flow easily?

To be relaxed, to practise loads on my idea. To listen out for phrases of rhythm and meaning in speech and mental noises enhances that idea. But only from that I cannot say where good ideas come from- only that they appear after related work over consideration and time- there is no reason to rhyme!


FB  5/  If your music was a colour what would it be and why?

The music on my latest album, I think reflects the colour of the night- it throws its ideas, like planets in orbit around a central theme of Universal Joy.

FB 6/ Do you have fans that have followed you through your diverse musical career, from the bands – No Sweat, B.L.O.W to now becoming a solo artist?

 Amazingly yes! Its fantastic that people have followed me, it makes me feel quite humble.

FB 7/  If you became world famous with one of your tracks over night, what would be the first thing you would do?

The answer is nothing really happens over night, so a sudden rise in popularity to that extent would cause me to Pause for breath!


FB  8/  What makes you happy?

I’m happy now while writing this, don’t need so much, I’m in my shed early Sunday morning, Molly cooking breakfast, I’m happy now!


FB  9/  Do you have any weird habits or hobbies?

 I love eating roasted pea nuts!


FB  10/  Who are some of the biggest musical inspirations for you and why?

All of the following understand chord progression and melody to an almost genius level, generally masters on their instruments to convey their personal message, usually of vulnerability, sensitivity or chaos, they used every ounce of intellect and ability, normally I have to like the person before I like the music

Elliott Smith

Nick Drake

The Beatles

Taj Mahal

Big Bill Broonzy

John Hurt

Emily Dickenson

Ron Sexsmith


Yan Tierson

George Orwell

FB  11/  What social media do you find the most effective way to connect with your fans?

Do you mean social interruptions? Then I use Facebook and Twitter mainly but Molly does write a quarterly newsletter, which is sent to fans who signed up to the mailing list.


FB  12/  I see you have a limited edition 7” vinyl for sale ‘Rain, Water and Wine’ – what are your views on the sudden resurgence of vinyl and tapes?

 Vinyl buyers are serious music consumers across all formats, DJs and independent labels were their only suppliers of new music, back in the day 2007

Now with Michael Kutz “Record Store Day” vinyl sales exceed 8 million units in the UK with young consumers being the strongest demographics.

FB  13/ If you could go on tour with any other singer or band who would it be?

 Any of the people in question 10.

FB  14/  On ForgottenBeeblog I always set a poetry challenge, in no more than 20 words please write a poem to include the words ‘Mushroom Tea’…..

Took my time to rhyme this

Blog for Bee

Some inspiration, what’s needed

Pour the pot of Mushroom Tea

FB  15/  Can you share with me a secret?

My love of peanuts.


FB  16/  Why is the number 9 so significant in your name?

 9 simply separates the many David’s in my class room in one given year. There were far too many in my school and I was 9.

FB  17/  How often do you rehearse and prepare for gigs?

 I am always rehearsing, practising, its very important to me at least six hours a day on new ideas or ironing out mistakes in the feel of the song or recording new riffs, researching what I’m trying to convey in my lyrics.

FB  18/  Do you still get nervous? How do you cope with your nerves. Have you ever forgotten lyrics live on stage?

I use my nerves to focus on the moment. Everything becomes amplified and that can scare you, “the smell of the crowd, the raw of the grease paint “Groucho Marx

If I get it right the nerves focus into calm that is so blissful that even if you were to hang by a thread you wouldn’t feel a thing!


FB  19/  What other plans does David 9 Lunas have for 2017, and where can fans find out about your music?

Highly motivated to complete my new album to be released like a beast later this year.

I’m always playing live somewhere to air new tunes and for “shirt & pants” so do catch up with me at a gig!


David thanks very much for taking part on ForgottenBeeBlog.

Photography courtesy of  Guy Kirkham and Molly Raw


Face Book: David 9 Lunas


Twitter: @d9lunas





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