Ode to Albie by ForgottenBee


Ode to Albie

A gentle soul, a friend to all

with delicate features

that delight and enthral.

Quiet, unassuming,

you slowly go about your day.

An air of kindness and consideration,

in your own particular way.

No judgement of others

or malice do you bear.

Yet, why you’d cause such unrest,

is a mystery and unfair?

Had you falsely demonstrated greed,

disrespect or ignorance; bravado, anger

egotism, touched with arrogance.

It may not have been your nature,

but might’ve stopped an ending where others win.

You could have remained yourself inside and

not, to their bullying give in.

Sadly young Albie,

this was not to be the case.

It’s with a weary heart, I can no longer see your face.

Sometimes in life we have to accept we either sink or swim.

Especially if there’s nothing you can do, if you simply don’t fit in.

Being true to you, you felt, was the right thing to do!

Dear Albie,

It’s with a heavy heart,

my friend, I say,

I really miss you!


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