Rhythm Heat


Always creating the high,

as rhythm and stamina fly.

The pounding beat,

Pedal, plate thumping feet.

Fanning snaps and sweeps,

jazzy brush techniques.

With hands that stir the passion,

accent the beat the cymbal crashing.

T tssh ..T T tssh.. T T tssh the hi-hat takes the stage,

the constant pulse, the heartbeat wave.

Then comes the resonant bass,

punching depth a constant pace.

Excitement builds, groovy fills and licks,

energy rising, thumping beats and kicks.

To the instrumental break,

new heights the throbbing tempo takes.

Colouring the music with a cowbell tone,

driving Spang-a-lang for the swing jazz zone.

Percussion sticks take a turn,

as their sexy rhythmic chops smoke a burn.

FullSizeRender (40).jpg

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