Exclusive SoundCloud interview with Sara Vian and producer Will Angeloro ahead of her album launch FromeFM Soundcheck presents 9th September.

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It gives me great pleasure to welcome friend, Studio Manager, fellow Radio Presenter and talented Singer/Song Writer Sara Vian along with producer Will Angeloro onto ForgottenBeeBlog. This exclusive interview raw and unedited gets behind the scenes with Sara and producer Will ahead of her debut album “Wild, Free and Beautiful” launch FromeFM Soundcheck presents on 9th September 2016 at The Assembly Rooms in Frome, Somerset, (reserve your FREE tickets and be part of the LIVE audience here: http://www.sara-vian.eventbrite.co.uk) This is a new approach for ForgottenBeeBlog the first interview recorded LIVE for soundcloud.

Sara was born and raised in Cardiff and moved to Somerset at the age of 13. She has become a very notable and active member of the Frome community where she is currently settled and building her music career. On record store day 2015 Sara launched her debut EP on Soaring Magpie Records produced by Will Angeloro. After receiving rave reviews Sara quickly earned the title of ‘fastest -selling local indie artist’ by her local independent record store, Raves from the Grave. one year later on Record Store Day 2016 after successfully launching Indiegogo fundraising, Sara launched her debut nine track album “Wild, Free and beautiful”

Sara charms you with her alternative folk blues, as she weaves vocal narratives of love, life and survival infectiously sprinkled with Americana, trip-hop and world dub……

*Click the Soundcloud Link below to hear the raw and unedited interview with Sara Vian and Will Angeloro*

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Thank You Sara and Will for taking part on ForgottenBeeBlog. I’m very much looking forward to hosting your FromeFM SoundCheck presents album launch on 9th September 2016.


Reserve your FREE tickets here http://www.sara-vian.eventbrite.co.uk and be part of the LIVE audience for Sara Vian’s debut album “Wild, Free & Beautuful” launch FromeFM Soundcheck presents 9th September, The Assembly Rooms, Frome Doors open 8pm LIVE broadcast 9-10.30pm.

Twitter: @SaraVian3

FaceBook: Sara Vian Music

Bandcamp: https://saravian3.bandcamp.com/


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