Unbridled Passion by ForgottenBee


FullSizeRender (30)

I lie here contemplating,

as I breath in and out.

Feeling my chest rise and fall.

What, were we about?

A mistake? Did we rush,

and jump in head first?

No thought of the future,

just our loins about to burst.

And then in a flash,

that moment comes to an end.

Leaving a canvas so muddied,

a loss of a best friend.

Was it worth the pain?

At the time, I’d say yes!

Safe in your strong arms,

tight together undressed.

But that’s all we had,

there was nothing more.

No deeper attraction,

than our flesh to explore.

So let’s part with a smile,

and think fondly on this.

Unbridled passion,

wanton feelings of bliss.

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