Bow Of Hues



Open the curtains and the day begins,

the colour of the sky the mood brings.

Grey and cloudy, not a great beginning,

mist lifting, day remains you’ll be winning.

Then there’s the drizzle with a dark tinge,

wetting the masses at the train station, they whinge.

Lack of coat as it started out fine,

sudden change, in need of shelter we whine.

Snow in April, what happened to showers?

Caught under canvas it’s been raining for hours.

Too hot, and I’m sweltering how many layers?

Leaves on the track, now they delay us.

Christmas day, will it snow?

Chances of that we already know!

Sadly as always wind and rain,

Then an electrical storm, thunder and lightning again.

Hail denting cars as big as golf balls.

Frost sticking firm, early starts for all.

Endless rain, flooding the fields and towns.

Bringing trouble to communities, terrible destruction found.

Thick fog on the motorway, limited vision as we drive.

Wind speeds increasing, pushing the car from side to side.

Wind combined with rain turning umbrellas inside out.

Season blending into season, heat rising bringing droughts.

Hose pipe bans, and the sun keeps shining,

for weeks and weeks, so comes a silver lining.

Gentle showers increasing to more,

creating a bow of hues we awe and adore.


photo 3 (19).jpg


2 responses to “Bow Of Hues

    • I was asked to write this by a friend last night …. of course I rose to the challenge 😉 hehe and yes we have more than enough surprises in our British weather …. what fun. So happy you enjoyed it xxx 🙂

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