A Somerset gem that is ‘Frome’

A Somerset gem that is ‘Frome’.

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Upon cobbled street I walk,

a moment of beguiling senses brought.

Histories wealth hidden amidst running streams.

Footsteps, words spoken, living dreams.

Juxtaposed the past with contemporary ideas,

artist’s palates in galleries displayed and revered.

Deep within the heart lives such a community,

embracing, eccentric and quirky promoting individuality.

Far from sleepy this thriving independent town,

offers vintage fashion and markets some the best around.

Original music, authors, poetry, delicious food and more.

Charming the visitor with such a wealth of personality to explore.

Boasting two theatres, gyms and an independent cinema.

Music venues, FM radio and a club hiring the electric car.

If you’re short of something visit a ‘Library of things”,

where sharing, reducing waste and carbon a reality brings.

A wealth of quality places to develop and educate the young.

‘National Great Town’ and ‘Star Council’ awards successfully won.

It’s no surprise this town is moving, flourishing with creativity.

Vision and ideals a Somerset gem so full of energy!



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