amans vitae


A drawing,

a place,

the lines upon your face.

That knowing look,

my favourite book.

A rainbow,

a tear,

scent of a flower near.

A desperate need,

a fear finally freed.

Your hands on my back,

that perfect track.

Warm words,

lustful embraces,

exciting tingles

hot party mingles.


freshly mown grass,

delicious tastes,

kisses on my face.

Full bodied wine,

dinner alfresco,

crunching snow,

new people to know.

Successful endeavours,

dancing all night,

music played loud,

feeling proud.

Silence to hear,

addictive smells,

being understood,

a walk in the woods.

Presents to give,

energy shared,

believing in me,

countries to see.

Artwork revered,

tiny creatures,

clear blue skies,

endless loving in your eyes.


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