On Fire


Photography by ForgottenBee

I love the days

when productivity’s ablaze.

As slowly the hands creep

and the more you achieve.

No lost for words

or unable to write.

Just the energy coursing

as pen to paper unite.

Doors open, and

forthright you walk in.

Never questioning why

or where to begin.

The phone keeps ringing

you answer the calls.

Rising to challenges

confidence avoiding pitfalls.

Even late into the night

you keep on going.

As that adrenaline spike,

in the bloodstream’s still flowing

Sleeping’s problematic as

you struggle to close your eyes.

 Through your head ideas are rushing,

all aimed to blow the skies.

Then it’s the next day

which takes a different gear.

Now you’re really in control

of the life you steer.


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