ForgottenBee chats with Katie aka Little Sparrow @uklittlesparrow



Forgottenbeeblog catches up with UK Little Sparrow and finds out why Guy Garvey had an influence on her stage name, what she believes brings magic to a venue and her weird obsession with DIY.

Little Sparrow…. Katie….welcome to ForgottenBeeblog 


FB    1/ Since moving to the North of England what differences do you find there are on the music scene? Do you miss the South in anyway?

 I moved up here a long time ago now so I can’t really remember, but I do remember everyone just being so lovely up here! There’s a lovely family feel to the music scene in the north.

FB     2/ What instruments do you play and which are your favourite?

Guitar and piano and recently the Kazoo! ( I played a little kazoo solo live on one of Tracey Browne’s tracks!) Piano is probably my favourite out of the first two, but I always use the guitar for my live shows.


FB     3/ What are the major influences on the music you produce?

Life! Books, people. I have always taken inspiration from stories, whether that was someone’s personal story or a story in a book.

FB   4/ What makes you happy?

 My family and friends, My garden! And of course making and creating music, seeing the effect it has on people 🙂


FB     5/ What has been the most significant thing to happen in your musical career so far?

The release of my debut album, this has fulfilled a lifetime ambition of mine.

FB   6/ Some artists don’t like to be asked this question but I am sure that people are intrigued and would be interested to know… how did you choose the name “Little Sparrow”?

Little Sparrow came about from knowing and being friends with Guy Garvey from Elbow. My strong southern accent awarded me the name of ‘cockney sparra’ from my friend, who used this regularly when conversing with me. When deciding on a stage name, this was a strong contender, however changing the ‘cockney’ to ‘little’ seemed sweeter and more appropriate for the music I was making.



FB   7/ Are there any venues you would really like to play at?

Union Chapel in London is one of my favourite venues and I have been fortunate enough to have played there already, in December last year for ‘The Daylight Sessions’. I prefer venues that have some history about them like churches, theatres and halls. Spaces that have stories themselves all add to the magic of the show.

FB   8/ On ForgottenBeeBlog I often like to set a poetry challenge and I wondered if you would like to take part in this? In no more than 20 words write a poem to include the words “Wishing Tree”!

There was in me a desire to see The beautiful wishes On that Wishing Tree


FB     9/ Does song writing come easy to you? Explain the process to me?

 Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t! It all depends on how I am feeling. I don’t think I have a process, just the need to express my imagination through music or words to create what then becomes a song.


FB   10/ How important do you think social media is to the modern musician?

Massively!! It is becoming one of the most important platforms. Social media has given the modern musician a global cyber stage, which is instant and accessible to most people. It can reach people of all ages at any time. It is extremely powerful, however, extremely time consuming! (I have a little help with mine 🙂

FB   11/ Tell me two things about Little Sparrow that nobody knows?

I had Ready Brek this morning for breakfast and my cat is called ‘Little Cat’! Ha!


FB   12/ Have you ever received a bad review or been criticised? If so how did you or how would you deal with that?

So far I have been fortunate enough to have some really great reviews for the album and the live shows. Everybody has an opinion and if there were to be a bad review then I would take the points on board, but I would also remember that it is an opinion, I would try not to let it get to me in a negative way.

FB   13/ Other than music do you have any other hobbies or past times?

Gardening, pottering around the house and weirdly DIY! I love building work. I might be slight but I can lift a few bricks when I need to!


FB   14/ Do you have any regrets?

Maybe I shouldn’t have had Ready Brek this morning.

FB   15/ Would you consider collaborating with another musician and if so who would that be?

 Yes, Peter Gabriel! I would love to work with Peter and record in his studio at Real World. This would be a dream come true.

FB   16/ Where would ForgottenBeeblog readers go to find more about your music and live performances?

FB   17/ Are there any exciting projects on the horizon for Little Sparrow?

Currently I am working on creating the second album!

ForgottenBeeBlog would like to thank you for taking part in this interview Katie 🙂


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