The Spirit of Christmas Ghosts


The quiet and stillness

of the world,

as the icy flecks from

the heavens unfold.

A dream like state

as footsteps we make,

hand in gloved hand

through winter wonderland.

The shimmer of lights,

fires burning bright

sharing a toast,

with those we love the most.

Peeping through windows,

gifts beneath the tree,

abandoned worries

laughter, dancing, feeling free.

Catching up with old friends,

loving wishes we send.

Families gather with each other,

intimate moments with a lover.

Thinking over the year,

determined to remove fears.

Face challenges new,

adopt a different view.

Reflection and change,

lifestyle choices rearrange.

Work celebration Christmas do’s

meeting that special someone new.

Memories of loved ones lost.

The spirit of christmas ghosts.

Never forgotten,

still in our hearts,


plays one of the most difficult festive parts.


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