ForgottenBee chats to film maker Nathan Cunningham of The Low flying Geese @lowgeese about his new project “The Piccadilly Rats”s


Manchester buskers “The Piccadilly Rats” have a story to tell….Thankfully Nathan Cunnigham of The Low Flying Geese, has taken them under his goose? wing to create a documentary on, in his words “Some of the maddest bastards I’ve ever met”…..

Forgottenbee had the opportunity to speak to Nathan about his projects, mankinis, music and projectile vomit….

So welcome back Nathan to ForgottenBeeBlog…..

(If you’re unfamiliar with “James Coburn and the Rum Bastards” – check the link at the end of this post)

FB 1/ When we last spoke you were working on “James Coburn and the Rum Bastards”….. can you update us on the film’s progress?

It’s been a bit of a mad journey to be honest, as you know it started off as a short film but evolved quite rapidly into something a lot bigger than we initially expected. The film is now almost feature length and features the likes of Shaun Ryder and John Cooper Clarke amongst many others. The film has had a bit of a creative facelift this year and I’ve spent a lot of the time re-writing scenes which we’re hoping to shoot early 2016. It’s hard to work on a project like this on the bones of your arse and the delay in it’s completion is purely down to financial reasons.



FB 2/ Have you been involved with any other projects inbetween?

I’ve spent most of the year developing ‘Rum Bastards’ really, a lot of re-writing and stuff. The film centres a lot more around Salford poet, JB Barrington’s  @JB_Barrington quest to find out more about the band as he sets out to write and perform a show dedicated to their story.

JB Crop mad manc

FB 3/ Tell me how this new exciting project, a documentary about the “Piccadilly Rats” came about?

We’ve got a bit of dead time leading towards the final shoot of ‘Rum Bastards’ so I wanted to do a quick fire documentary film with our producer Mr Peeps @MrPeepsSays about ‘The Piccadilly Rats’. These geezers must be some of the maddest bastards I’ve ever met and I’ve met some right mad fuckers believe me but I absolutely love them and if I don’t make a documentary film about them then somebody else will, probably some spotty student in his gap year. There’s a quote by Hunter S. Thompson in fear and loathing in Las Vegas that reminds me of ‘The Piccadilly Rats’, “Too weird to live but to rare to die”. Can’t wait to make it, I just hope we get the support we need.


FB 4/ I understand the “Piccadilly Rats” made quite a stir on television recently on the “Judge Rinder” show… do tell us more?

Yeah man, proper funny. One of their dancers Ray went up against the rest of the band in the court room. The band were in a talent contest in Manchester and got to the final and as a bit of a gimmick to impress the judges, one of the other dancers in the band, Tommy (who by the way is 70 odd) came out in a Mankini but as he had never worn one before he came out with it on back to front, with all his tackle all hanging out. The band came third but Ray reckons they would have won if it wasn’t for the Mankini malfunction so he was trying to get £500 out of the band which would have been the amount the band would have received if they won the contest. Absolutely barmy but proper funny.

FB 5/ What’s the best aspect of being a film maker and director and what are the worst?

Best aspect is creating something from nowt and watching it evolve and become it’s own beast. The worst aspect is the financial side of things and how that can prohibit and suppress an artist.

FB 6/ What directors do you revere and why?

Martin Scorsese 70’s & early 80’s stuff because it’s just fucking flawless. I love his collaborations with screen writer Paul Shrader, Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, Bringing out the dead. My favourite film of his though is Mean Streets from 1973 where he collaborates with De Niro for the first time. Also love Ken Loach & Shane Meadows as they normally reflect things that can be pretty close to home.

FB 7/ How did you get into film making?

Had a bit of a mad ten years on the party scene, got projectile vomited out on the other side so decided to spend my time being a bit more productive/creative. After working with several indie production companies, mainly writing screenplay, I started TheLowFlyingGeese with ‘Rum Bastards’ being our first proper project. Did some promo stuff too for Mr Peeps @MrPeepsSays band nights, Terry Christian’s @terrychristian Mad Manc Caberet and some bits and bobs for JB Barrington and The BackHanders.


FB 8/ Your work tends to centre around music, what new Music are you into at the moment?

Really like Sleaford Mods @sleafordmods at the moment been to watch them a couple of times this year. Just got into a Scottish band too called girobabies @Girobabies, well worth checking out. Mr Peeps’ podcasts are always a good listen too, he’s a great pioneer for unsigned bands. It’s criminal how a lot of these bands are still unsigned when you’ve got all this shite that’s out there at the moment.


FB 9/ Tell ForgottenBeeBlog readers what was the first record, cd and download you bought?

My first record was a 7″ copy of NorthSide’s take 5 I think it was about 1991 ish. I bought it from omega records in Northwich which was owned by Steve Harrison the manager of The Charlatans. Can’t remember my first CD and I’ve never downloaded a tune in my life.

FB 10/ Do you have any hobbies?

Badminton. Only joking, I don’t really have any hobbies anymore, just on the mooch like.

FB 11/ What makes you laugh?

Vic and Bob make me piss and I love Eastbound and Down at the moment (TV series) it’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen, please, please, please check it out.

FB 12/ What is your biggest achievement so far?

This blog.


FB 13/ Do you have any regrets?

Fucking thousands and I hate it when people try to be cool and poetic when it comes to the whole regret thing, “better to regret something you did than something you didn’t do” fuck off!! I especially hate it when people say things like “I have no regrets cos it’s made me the person I am today”…bollocks! There’s loads of stuff I regret and I’m sure there’s plenty more to come.

FB 14/ As Halloween is fast approaching are you into horror movies? What are some of your favourites and why?

Are there any modern ones you can recommend? I’m not really into horror films but I’ve seen a fair few, I try to act like they don’t scare me but I’ve gone to bed shitting myself several times. The Exorcist was a wrongen, that affected my head. Modern horror films are a bit crap aren’t they? It’s the old ones that do a job on you I reckon.


FB 15/ Do you feel that ‘Art” plays a strong role in the method of film making?

Yes definitely, unless it’s just some tits n’ teeth set up.

FB 16/ How can people get involved with your new project?

If they can follow this link they can find out about the project in more detail and there’s information on how to help and be a part of it too. …

FB 17/ Is there any advice you can give to anyone considering getting into film making?

Just do your thing, stick to your guns and never give up. That’s what I’m doing anyway.

FB 18/ As you know I always like to include a poetry challenge could you in no more than 16 words write a poem to include the words “Piccadilly Rats” and “mankini” 😉 !

Have you seen the cats chase the Piccadilly Rats as they flash their tackle in mankini’s.


FB 19/ What’s the last movie you went to the cinema to see?

Bloody hell, not been for ages, bad that init? Wolf of Wall Street…I think.

Thank you Nathan for taking part in ForgottenBeeBlog I wish you lots of luck with both projects and do you have any last words for the readers of ForgottenBeeBlog?

Thanks for avin us Bee you’ve always been supportive of artist’s trying to have a go in this some what confusing world we live in.

For all you readers, please help us make this film and allow struggling artist’s have a voice. Support indie film.


Photography courtesy of Nathan Cunningham, Shay Rowan Photography @shayster57, Jags Photography @photographyjags, Elspeth Moore @emmoore

Twitter – @lowgeese

FaceBook –

ForgottenBeeBlog post “James Coburn and the Rum Bastards” – …


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