‘You and I’ NEW single release review PSYENCE @PsyenceUK


If you’re new to the band ‘Psyence’, where have you been?

On the imminent release of their new single ‘You and I’ on 23rd October 2015, they have produced something very special that will definitely make you stand up and listen. ‘You and I’ is a crafted track, demonstrating a real maturity in their musical growth, with catchy lyrics, brilliant hooks and the best vocals on any ‘Psyence’ recording so far in my opinion.

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 18.22.14

Standing out in the music industry today is very difficult to achieve and is something all musicians are striving toward, with varying successes. One thing you can continually count on with ‘Psyence’ is their unique unmistakable sound, distinct look, exceptional musicianship, and the gifted diversity of their tracks..from ‘Zebra’, ‘Chemicals for Breakfast’ to ‘Phoenix’ – blending heavy alternative rock and psychedelia with underlying blues. All of which are definitely getting them noticed.

‘A frantic game of snakes and laddersthrough the kaleidoscopic soundscape’


‘All soaring riffs and sweeping vocals..an intense listen, on the focuses the flamboyance of Psyence into some serious elixir for the thrid eye’

Clash Magazine

‘The melodic sensibilities of Tame Impala with the rhythmic thud of ‘Exterminator’ era Primal Scream, classic Can and the bludgeoning blues riffs of the Dead Weather’

The Quietas

‘Face melting rock that sounds like Wooden Ships drowning in a thick, molten vat of acidic organs and churning riffs’

Q Magazine

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 18.20.52

‘You and I’ has a more commercial sound creating a much broader appeal, making it more accessible to a wider audience. When the word ‘commercial’ and a band are included in the same sentence, it can often suggest that they have sold their soul to the devil. This is certainly not the case with Psyence.

I’ve been following the evolution of Psyence for a long time now and was delighted when I eventually caught up with them at a live gig back in July at ‘The UnderGround’ in their home town of Stoke -on-Trent. The night heated up with three support acts, before Psyence took to the stage themselves and I was subjected to a fast paced fury of impassioned drum pounding, slick musically crafted catchy rhythmic guitar riffs, and powerful dynamic hypnotising vocals which built the intensity leaving you only wanting more. This band never fail to challenge and surprise their fans, and their sharp defined cool look only adds to their appeal.

‘You and I’ for me is an exciting track that resonates in your head never letting go, and just confirms this band’s musical development and showing they are learning how the music business works, striding with confidence onto the next level of their journey to success.

Is this a song that could break for Psyence? It’s certainly radio friendly….. this song could well be a big and well deserved success for the Psyence boys!


Photography courtesy of Psyence

17 Stoke Sugarmill
29 Leicester Soundhouse
30 Nottingham Jam Café

6 Minehead Shiiine On Weekender
27 Manchester Retro Bar
28 Sunderland The Corner Flag

Twitter:    @PsyenceUK

Facebook:    https://www.facebook.com/psyenceuk

Website:    http://psyenceuk.com/


4 responses to “‘You and I’ NEW single release review PSYENCE @PsyenceUK

  1. Excellent review, that. Good to get an all round impression of the band, recorded and live, and also their story and overall vibe. No small achievement in a single review. Great gig info and links eg Soundcloud. Everything a reader – and the band – could want!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Noel for such great feedback :0).. …I really appreciate it. I do take time to include links etc and to get straight to the point but include a sense of story of the band…I’m so glad you felt that in the read 🙂 buzzin X


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