Sports Shop Encounter


To the local sports shop

she made a trip,

with the positive endeavour

to get herself fit.

As she scanned the shelves

for the perfect footwear,

she could sense the

shop assistant’s transfixed stare.

A vision of beauty was all

he could see.

The goddess of his dreams,

running section, aisle three.

Swiftly he moved in

her direction.

Planning to impress

with his sales patter suggestions.

She sensed his intent, panicked

wanted to hide.

So unconfident with her looks

into the running pants she dived.

Bemused, he decided

to hover by the till.

His feelings to declare

to her as she paid her bill.

But as dishevelled she emerged

crawling on all fours,

she made her escape

but got trapped between the doors.


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