beatitudinem – Happiness


Let me drink from your wisdom

Let me taste your love

Let me learn to be true

and the one you’re proud of.


For so many years I have

been insecure,

never knowing the person

you seem to easily procure.


Afraid of the future

but more of the past.

Never knowing the kiss of happiness

 hard times only seemed to last.


Yet here you are

now loving me

with such a positive energy force

my potential I’ll make reality.


6 responses to “beatitudinem – Happiness

  1. The line that jumps out at me is Afraid of the future *but more of the past*. Wish I’d thought of that! It describes what I, and so presumably lots of people, feel but hadn’t translated into the words that make some sense of it.

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    • Thank you very much for your comment Noel… I do try to write from observation of people and their life experiences, as well as my own personal thoughts and feelings. I am delighted that my words can create a positive effect 🙂 X

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