Under a Banner @underabanner – Victory Time – EP Review

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‘Victory Time’, the latest EP release from ‘Under a Banner’ takes no prisoners from the outset!

Excitement builds from the beginning to the end of this lyrically poetic, energy packed EP, you can’t help but feel musically transported and passionately fired up. Fast paced rhythms and I have to say exceptional drumming by the entertaining Tim Wilson (which has taken tracks like “Summer Skies” to another level from its original recording), combine with powerful emotive lyrics and vocal performance of Adam Broadhurst, talented musicianship and great harmonies create the unique sound which is ‘Under a Banner’.

This EP consists of five fantastic tracks and is one of those, you wish was an album. To single any of the tracks out as being a favourite is extremely difficult, as their catchy choruses stick in your mind and they all fit so well together. You are whipped up and carried along for a frenzied musical ride. I cannot urge you enough to add this EP to your collection.

Under A Banner’s distinct, spirited alternative rock music, galvanises in their live performances, you are always left wanting more. A really entertaining memorable experience.

Check out their new and latest video ‘Victory Time’ from the new EP ‘Victory Time”.

Twitter: @underabanner

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Under.A.Banner

Bandcamp: https://underabanner.bandcamp.com/

Website: http://www.underabanner.co.uk


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