ForgottenBeeBlog chats to Tom Mitchell plus a new recording of “Things That I Need to Undo” for ForgottenBeeBlog

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As a self confessed Progrock baby, partial to Mexican food and a peaty single malt, Tom Mitchell’s debut album “New World” was released to critical acclaim in 2013. The following year his track “Things That I Need To Undo” from the EP of the same name featured on BBC Radio 6 Tom Robinson’s final Fresh Faves of 2014. Sam Bonham of BBC Introducing said the following of Tom and his music:

“I’ve supported Tom Mitchell on BBC Introducing since 2013, when I first heard his music. Coming from Bristol, he’s the authentic 60s-influenced-folkster. His music is well-travelled and deliberate. And he knows how to write a song or two. Things That I Need To Undo is the perfect craft – such a relatable lyric, a grower, so kind, timeless and classic.”

ForgottenBee talks to Tom and finds out that his biggest fan is a cat named Dougal, his views on a certain Mr Murs and why he almost quit music…..Followed by a brand new recording of “Things I need to undo” especially for ForgottenBeeblog readers!


Hi Tom, welcome to ForgottenBeeblog. My first question for you is: Do you own any musical memorabilia?

I’ve got one of David Gilmour’s old plectrums and a first edition copy of Sgt Pepper.

FB    2/  What is your favourite food? What do you like to drink? Mexican food. I’m a sucker for enchiladas. Drink wise I enjoy a peaty single malt (or real ale if I have to drink lots of something without dying).

FB    3/  Money being no object are you a city man or a country man?

Horribly hard question. I love aspects of both. Right now I’d say city but eventually I’d like to find myself living in the country I think.

FB    4/  If Glastonbury got in touch and asked you to just play covers and none of your own music, would you do it and if you would, what would you choose to cover?

Yes I think so, and I’d be sure to put my own spin on the songs. I’ve recorded acoustic versions of Queen’s Radio Ga Ga, Bruce Springsteen’s Dancing in the Dark, Dire Straits’ Sultans of Swing and MGMT’s Time to Pretend – I’d probably do those on finger style guitar.

k2av photograph

FB    5/  What has been your biggest disappointment musically/

The day I first heard Olly Murs.

FB    6/  What has been your greatest joy generally?

Watching my little boy Neddy grow up. He’s only 15 months but he’s becoming a proper cheeky little fella.

FB    7/  Do you think animals appreciate music?

Definitely. My cat Dougal always sits in on my rehearsals and recording sessions. And he always leave the room whenever someone like Olly Murs comes on the radio so I’d like to think he has good taste.

FB    8/  Have you ever almost quit music?

Yes – back before I began writing and performing my own stuff I was a session musician for others and started getting fed up of the politics and everything involved and thought about jacking it in…but then my first solo song came to me and I’ve been cracking on with this new direction ever since.

tony barrett powell

FB    9/  Other than music, what other passions do you have?

Football – I’ve been a Tottenham Hotspur fan all my life.

FB    10/  On the unsigned scene, who in your opinion should we all be checking out?

In Bristol, Robin Mitchell and Sarah Proudfoot. Beyond, Little May from Australia.

FB    11/  What were you like at school?

A jerk.

FB    12/  You have a choice of performing on Later with Jools Holland or having £100,000 put straight into your account. What would you do right now?

Performing on Jools Holland. There’s always time to earn more money if you want it but an opportunity like that doesn’t come to an unsigned artist very often.

FB    13/ As a Progrock baby (Tom’s parents were into Genesis, Pink Floyd, Moody Blues etc). What is your favourite Genesis track and why?

Home by the Sea. It reminds me of long car journeys through France when I was little and I just love the chord progressions and melodies.

FB    14/  It’s rumoured that Duffy is back in the studio, would you like to work with her again?

I loved playing songs like Warwick Avenue with her. But I’m fully focused on my own material these days.

FB    15/  Your music “Michael’s Garden” has been used in a Pandora Jewellery advertisement promotion. Do you get a discount on their products, and who’s the lucky recipient?

Sadly not, which is very rude! But if I did, the recipient would have to be my lovely wife Kerry. (so long as she doesn’t lose it like she normally does with lovely things I buy her).

FB    16/  Bringing things back to music – What hopes and dreams do you have for you music career?

My dream is just to make a living from my own music one day. Nothing too crazy.

FB    17/  Do you have any band photographers you like to work with? How important do you feel their role is in promoting music?

It would have to be Jim Marshall. I think good photography is really important in terms of promoting music, especially these days. We live in such a visual world – people can’t be bothered to read anything too long, they need to see what you are all about – your image, your atmosphere, your mystique, your style…everything needs to be encapsulated within photography that can be quickly glanced at whether online, on posters…anywhere.

FB    18/  Tom, I invite you to take the ForgottenBeeblog challenge, you must create a poem in no more than 15 words. However, it must contain the words “Fifty Trees” ready? Go…

“Fifty trees, all different kinds, stand majestic side by side. They don’t care about politics”.

FB    19/  My final question – You have a connection with the up and coming talent that is @rhodesmusic – will there ever be a Rhodes/Mitchell collaboration?

Maybe one day! Rhodes is the brother of one of my wife’s best friends so I’ve known him for a few years – we caught up in Bristol when he was here for Dot 2 Dot last month and it’s great to see how well he’s doing. He’s an exceptional talent with an incredible voice. 

New Recording by Tom Mitchell for ForgottenBeeBlog “Things That I Need to Undo”

Tom Sparey Photography-3

Photography courtesy of Tom Sparey @TOM_SPAREY,  Tony Barrett-Powell @tbarrettpowell, K2av Photograph @K2AVBristol and BBCpic.

Twitter: @therealtommitch




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  1. That was really interesting Ms Bee. I’ve listened to quite a few of Toms’ tracks on SC, so it’s good to find out more about the man behind the great music. Cheers Bee – 🙂 xx

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