5 Facts or Fiction

ForgottenBeeBlog gives the stand to twitter’s finest, with 5 questions to answer, they can either be fact or fiction……….You decide!!

This “5 Facts or Fiction” post features Ralph’s Life @fruitbatwalton, Chrissy @chrissee1875, Dom Molloy @DomMolloyC86 🙂

Ralph’s Life @fruitbatwalton


1/ You have a famous relative right? 

Strictly speaking…yes…but it does go back a bit. On my Mother’s side I’m related to someone who fought for Mary Queen of Scots and I’ve actually researched it myself as my Mum’s Mum insisted it was true. Her family name Baillie is derived from Bailiff and in 1568 Sir William of Lamington (who was a Baillie) fought on the side of Mary Queen Of Scots.

2/ You were suspended from school for a week… what did you do?

Not very proud of this one, but I tried to beat the World Record for eating bananas during my lunch hour at high school (the record at the time was 30) and I got to 27 before I had to stop. I was violently sick in class that afternoon, dragged off to the School Nurse first who found out why I was sick and in turn dragged me off to the Headmaster who suspended me!

3/    Your party trick is legend amongst friends….. tell us more..?

My party trick is kind of linked to my World Record banana eating exploit which led to me trying to break the Wold Record for eating Pickled Eggs. I didn’t manage to beat that record either…but I can proudly say that I can get 7 pickled eggs in my mouth at the same time!

4/ Tell us about your most treasured possession?

My most treasure possession is a lock of hair that belonged to Mary Queen of Scots and was picked up by an ancestor (Sir William Of Lamington) at the time of her beheading and passed down in a locket throughout the centuries.

5/    Who do you admire the most and why?

That’s a difficult one, but probably (given my school suspension) it has to be Russian Cosmonaut Gherman Titov who, in 1961 whilst on the Vostok 2 mission was the first person to vomit in space. Roll on commercial space flight!


Chrissy @chrissee1875


1/ You have a famous relative right?

My dad’s cousin is Jackie Stewart the 3 time formula one driver

2/ You were suspended from school for a week… what did you do?

I was suspended from school for a week when I was 12 for buying a poster of two naked models from a friend.

3/ You party trick is legend amongst friends…. tell us more?

My party trick involves me doing a mean impression of David Bellamy.

4/ Tell us about your most treasured possession?

My most treasured possession is a personal letter from Pope John Paul II.

5/ Who do you admire the most and why?

I most admire my mum who is the most caring and generous person I know.


Dom Molloy @DommolloyC86


1/ You have a famous relative right?

Yes Fred Dibnah. He used to knock chimneys down with fire and liked steam engines. Even had his own TV show on Beeb. He is my Uncles Brother who was a bricky. Irony as one one would build them the other would knock em down.

2/ You were suspended from school for a week.. what did you do?

I put blue tack in the gas pumps in the science lab and turned them on. Effectively gassing out the science lab’s, resulting in a full evacuation of the school. This later led to me being sequestered away from my class mates and then cosseted by the schools councillor who saw my potential and referred me to a plumbing course.

3/ Your party trick is legend amongst friends… tell us more..?

Oh my Christopher Walken impression. Yes this came from around the time of Fatboy Slims Weapon Of Choice. The video is simply amazing. To be honest it was a serendipitous discovery whilst asking my better half if she wanted sauce on her bacon sandwich.

We once used my party trick to get VIP access to a Travis gig when they played the Apollo in Manchester. We professed that ‘Christopher’ was staying at a local Travel Lodge and wanted to go out for the evening. We phoned the women on the desk “I wanna go out. My wife likes movies, Frankenstein never scared me. MARSUPIALS do cos their fast” conversation took a turn and inevitably ended with us having a backstage pass under the name ‘Walken’ as well as a Window seat in a famous american theme dinner “I don’t like to look up too much but Georgianne Loves the birds. As long as you get me a Dime bar, they don’t have these in Connecticut. I find the heat of a window seat exhausting. I like to traverse and then I think Travis. I wanna go see these guys…”

4/ Tell us about your most treasured possession?

With out wanting to sound horribly predictable, my music. A music collection is the sound track to a persons life.

We get to play some great tunes on the radio. Sometimes our playlist for the show changes so many times over the course of a week. The never ending fight between iconic tunes, that conjure all manor of memories and feelings. With the new and exciting discoveries.

5/ Who do you admire the most and why?

Ive thought about this long and hard.Cue the Cliche Klaxon. John Peel. I hate how people involved with music/radio at any level go to John Peel. But genuinely I was in my bedroom as a young lad listening to Peel and my mum shouting up. I went to Piccadilly Records with a list of tunes Id heard on his show. I admire him for playing the music he liked. Ill never forget hearing Betty Wright Baby sitter. Don’t get me wrong a lot of what John Peel played I thought was naff. He was a Broadcaster no thrills just the music and a subtle sarcasm and warmth of his voice. His attention to detail in producing a programme was very inspiring.WhereI’m concerned people listen to the radio for the music, I just happen to be there in the avoidance of silence. His attention to detail in the way he organised songs that would never normally follow one another, is where I take inspiration. All be it I don’t play as ground breaking music as he did, our show is for people who like music, but aren’t muzo’s. Who cares who produced what and what studio it was recorded in. It sounds good, as does this, regardless of genre. Why does a radio program have to consist of one genre?


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