Poems written by ForgottenBee – inspired by the Alexander McQueen exhibition at the @V_and_A, ‘Savage Beauty’


Photography by ForgottenBee

Alexander McQueen Exhibition Victoria and Albert Museum, Cromwell Road London

14th March – 2nd August 2015

‘Savage Beauty’

“I want to be the purveyor of a certain silhouette or a way of cutting,

so that when I am dead and gone people will know

that the twenty-first century was started by Alexander McQueen”



Photograph by ForgottenBee

The following poems I wrote on the journey home by coach from London.

“No Power left on my phone on the journey home. After being inspired, what else was there to do … but put pen to paper and write a poem or two.”


FullSizeRender (55)FullSizeRender (57)FullSizeRender (68)


Each stitch each button sewn, with intricate skill,

to challenge the viewer and give the wearer free will.

Seductive layers

cuts made with power.

Designs breaking rules

formed to empower.


FullSizeRender (69)


Zips and buckles, fur lace and feathers,

crystal headdresses,

flesh peeping leather.


FullSizeRender (59)


Openings, slits, back flattering waists.

Sharp, angular, animalistic,

boundary pushing taste.


FullSizeRender (61)


Tortured, challenging images created

Erotica deliciously animated


FullSizeRender (66)FullSizeRender (56)FullSizeRender (62)


The theatrics of design,

the elaborate, the grotesque

goading the divine.


FullSizeRender (60)

Photographic Images courtesy of the postcard collection available @V_AND_A “Savage Beauty Exhibition

Alexander McQueen.


Photograph by ForgottenBee

“I think there is beauty in everything. What “normal” people would perceive as ugly.

I can usually see something of beauty in it” – Alexander McQueen 2003


“I am a designer with a cause. I like to challenge history” – Alexander McQueen 2008


“Fashion is a big bubble, and sometimes I feel like popping it” – Lee Alexander McQueen 2009

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