5 Facts or Fiction

ForgottenBeeBlog gives the stand to twitter’s finest, with 5 questions to answer, they can either be fact or fiction……….You decide!!

This “5 facts or fiction” post features John Leddy @ledman1976 and Helen Thomas @AitchTeaDrinker from Tingle in the Netherlands @TingleIn

John Leddy @ledman1976

John Leddy @ledman1976

John Leddy @ledman1976


1)   You have a famous relative right?

I do have a famous relative, her name is Jessica Lansbury, never invited her for lunch mind, wouldn’t want anybody I know to get murdered.

2)   You were suspended from school for a week…. What did you do?

I got suspended from school for falling through the school roof, I was (wagging) and I climbed into the school boiler room above the assembly hall.

Cost the school about 10k worth of damage.

3)   Your party trick is legend amongst friends… tell us more..?

My party trick?? I once drunk vodka through my eye ball 🙂

4)   Tell us about your most treasured possession?

My most treasured possession would be my kids.. Playstion 2nd, wife 3rd ha ha!

5)     Who do you admire the most and why?

I admire my Dad; he has had three marriages and is still smiling,


 Helen Thomas @AitchTeaDrinker

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 17.23.52

Helen Thomas @AitchTeaDrinker Leading lading in @TingleIn

1/    You have a famous relative right?

According to my Dad’s cousin, who is an amateur genealogist, we have a distant ancestor who went by the name of Sir Rhys ap Thomas (1449–1525)

Wikipedia describes Sir Rhys as “.. a Welsh soldier and landholder who rose to prominence during the Wars of the Roses, and was instrumental in the victory of Henry Tudor at the Battle of Bosworth Field. He remained a faithful supporter of Henry and was rewarded with lands and offices in South Wales. Some sources claim that he personally delivered the death blow to King Richard III at Bosworth with his poleaxe.”

When I first heard this tale, I was employed in a posh toyshop in London. I told my colleagues of this noble heritage and they were, of course, most impressed, and suggested that I don the head gear from one of the knight’s fancy dress costumes that we used to sell. I then armed myself with a wooden sword and shield and trotted around the shop on a hobby horse. Apparently I was a natural.

I don’t think I’d cut it as a real world medieval knight though because I’m allergic to horses, and as a peaceable vegetarian sort, I don’t think hacking people to death on a battle field would really be my cup of tea.

2/    You were suspended from school for a week.. What did you do?

Five of us got suspended for turning up drunk, and half an hour late, after lunch break. We’d missed registration and went crashing into double French shouting ‘Merde!’ at the tops of our voices. It was the only rude French word that we knew, so I suppose it could have been a lot worse. The situation wasn’t improved by the fact that the parents of a new kid were in the lesson, with their son, as part of a tour of the school prior to his enrolment. We never saw the boy again.

What the school didn’t know was that we’d got tipsy on the homebrew that I used to make in my Nana’s garage. I used to sell it to fellow fifth formers. During my week off I was able to bottle up my latest batch and subsequently made £60 selling the beer to my mates. Sadly, this is the only time that I have shown any glimmer of entrepreneurial promise, which is why you haven’t seen me on ‘The Apprentice’, ‘Dragons’ Den’ or The Sunday Times Rich List.

3/    Your party trick is legend amongst friends… tell us more..?

 Despite being as sceptical as they come, I have read the tea leaves for my friends on occasion and have come up with a few eerily accurate predictions.

My Welsh Grandmother used to read the tea leaves, possibly because she had a belief that she had Romany blood, but that’s another story…

One time, at a get together with friends, I decided to have a go at reading the tea leaves for a laugh. You have to just empty your mind and look at the patterns, then see what plops into your head. On one occasion I saw a stick man on the bonnet of a car and the letter ‘L’. The following week, the friend whose leaves I’d read got hit by a learner driver, whose car had stalled at a pedestrian crossing. Thankfully no-one was hurt.

The other strange one was a friend who had me read her tea leaves on three occasions but all I could get was weeping willow trees. This meant nothing to her. A year later, her partner inherited a house from a maiden aunt and they decided to move there. After they’d settled in I went to visit. My friend and her partner gave me a tour of the garden, which was beautiful – very long and sloping down to the river bank that is lined with weeping willow trees. The maiden aunt’s will stipulated that her ashes should be scattered on the river, beneath those trees.

I’ve had a few other hits, so every time I’m at a get together with people who know about this, we have to put the kettle on. Lottery numbers have yet to appear.

4/    Tell us about your most treasured possession?

When I was a kid we had a cat called Trumpton. I was about 2 years old when we got him as a kitten. He was my best friend all through childhood and used to let me dress him up and wheel him about in my toy pram. He died in his sleep on the day that I left home to go to university. I was distraught. When I came home for the Christmas holidays, my Mum and Dad gave me the best Christmas present ever. They’d taken Trumpton to a taxidermist and had him stuffed. He was curled up in a typical sleeping cat position. I took him back to university with me and he spent the next three years sleeping on my bed. Some people thought it was a bit weird, but I loved old Trumpton. He’s still with me and I’d be lost without him.

5/    Who do you admire the most and why?

 There’s an old bloke who gets the bus that I get. I don’t know where he’s going but he catches the bus into town at ten past eight every morning including Saturday. He’s quite elderly so I don’t think he’s going to work. He dresses like a fairly average looking old bloke; there’s nothing really extraordinary about him except on Thursdays. On a Thursday when he gets on the bus, he wears a ball gown and a tiara. I’ve rarely seen him wear the same frock twice. He must have a warehouse full of them. No-one on the bus batters an eyelid. I look forward to seeing what he’s wearing and totally admire him for his chutzpah, and I think that everyone else on the bus does too.


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