5 Facts or Fiction

ForgottenBeeBlog gives the stand to twitter’s finest, with 5 questions to answer, they can either be fact or fiction……….You decide!!

This “5 facts or fiction” post features Francis Potts @FPotts and Mr Tony Abbit @tonyabbit

Francis Potts @FPotts

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Francis Potts @FPotts

1/ You have a famous relative right?

A famous relative? That depends on how close a relative, and if a bishop counts as famous. Anyway, he’d probably rather it not be known.

2/ You were suspended from school for a week…what did you do?

I’m too old to have been suspended. However, I was expelled, and subsequently unexpelled a couple of days later. It was for playing cards and smoking in the sixth form common room when I should have been in lessons. The head caught us while he was showing potential parents around the school.

3/ You party trick is legend amongst friends…tell us more..?

My party trick is simple. Before I go out, I put a pair of women’s knickers in my pocket, and then later, I’ll blow my nose on them. If I get it right, I appear to be the only person in the room who hasn’t noticed. Red frilly knickers work best, unless I have a cold, in which case I go for something a bit more Marks and Sensible.

4/ Tell us about your most treasured possession?

Treasured possession? It has to be my copy of “Renunciation – a guide to living with nothing”, signed by the Swami himself. It’s probably worth a small fortune.

5/ Who do you admire the most and why?

I particularly admire Archbishop Desmond Tutu (we aren’t related). Tolerance, forgiveness, strength in adversity, and a sense of fun. If only more people thought like that.

Mr Tony Abbit @tonyabbit

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 19.13.30

Mr Tony Abbit @tonyabbit

1/ You have a famous relative right?

I have an Aunt who now resides in the mumbles area, and has done for some while, lovely woman Aunt Edna, she’s not famous, but, you know that close family friendly person you call Aunt or Uncle? I’m using it as my connection to fame..We would go to south Wales on holiday to Edna in mumbles for a break and live in a pre-fab house on the beach. But Edna had a mate, who made these hols a bit special ..her mate from school days used to make us stand on a chair and sing guilbert n sulivan
.songs..”I was a lad” I remember as one. then she’d give us a chocolate..lovely woman until late 70s and it went a bit tits up for her…but I have fond memories of Aunt bassey.

2/ You were suspended from school for a week.. what did you do?

Of course I was, 1980ish…I went on a class photo day with a T shirt print of the Sun newspaper ‘sid is dead’ in reference to Sid Vicious obviously and got told to go home and change, I came back with a shaved head and tennis ball lines. I was allowed back when it grew out.

3/ Your party trick is legend amongst friends… tell us more..?

I can snort a condom and pull it out of my mouth and I can do a break dance windmill not at the same time unfortunately.

4/ Tell us about your most treasured possession?

My most prized possession..

We’ve already spoken about this.
My portable record player, bloody marvellous bit of kit. But if played too long the belt stretches and it goes a bit wonk. Part of the love of it..let the rubber cool down and go again.

5/ Who do you admire the most and why?

Chris De Burgh. Absolute legend, I knocked him on his arse running along Dun laoghaire port one evening, I helped him up and we chatted for a bit..He was really cool about it and apologetic. A really nice down to earth man.

3 responses to “5 Facts or Fiction

  1. Francis, you’ve written this with so much British slang! How did you and I ever collaborate on Where Love Takes You is a mystery to me. I guess it’s because you can write like an American and an Englishman and do both well. The bit about blowing your nose on the panties is a bit odd, but love the bit about Aunt Edna….”it went tits up for her”…CLASSIC, as all of you British would say.

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