Forgottenbee poetry competition entries for – Travel best London – Transport for London

I was delighted when it was brought to my attention by a twitter friend @Beauhemia, that Travel Best London – Transport for London were running a competition to write poetry about a variety of topics to be more aware and considerate of others when travelling around London. The winner will have their poetry printed onto posters that will appear on tubes and in and around the London Underground. The posters are created by a French Illustrator, McBess who is also a musician and director.

The idea of the competition was to write a 4-6 line poem with no more than 40 characters in each line on the following topics:

– Not dropping litter

– Pulling the passenger alarm unnecessarily

– Allowing others off the bus and train first

– Moving down inside the carriage

– Not holding the doors open

– Ensuring priority seats are offered to whose who need them

– Not playing loud music

– Feeling ill on the train to leave at the next station and seek assistance

At first I wasn’t really inspired by any of the topics, but I decided to focus in on one in particular that used to annoy me when I was a commuter living in a South London suburb.  Then the ideas began to flow, I had only planned to enter one of the topics but did start to get carried away. I thought I would share them with you. The competition is now closed and the winner is announced 30th March 2015. I will let you know, but either way it was a lot of fun playing around with the words and creating a theme and rhythm to the poetry, about topics totally out of my comfort zone.

unnamed (8)

unnamed (7)unnamed (2)

unnamed (6)

unnamed (1)

unnamed (4)

unnamed (5)

 Hope you enjoy the read 🙂 X

2 responses to “Forgottenbee poetry competition entries for – Travel best London – Transport for London

    • Thank you Linda so much I’m so glad you enjoyed them …they were quite difficult to put together as it wasn’t a subject area I would normally choose but I did get into a mode eventually 😀 … would be cool to run but rising to the challenge was good too Xxx

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