It maybe a new line up, but it’s business as usual for the mighty Puppet Rebellion!


Forgottenbeeblog catches up with Puppet Rebellion who now have their new frontman, lead singer in place (Oliver Davies @OliverDpuppet). Where we discover a hidden talent for poetry, his idea for a No1 Bond theme song, his philanthropic love for Port Vale football club (he’s a season ticket holder), and his gratitude to all the messages of support over the last few months. Exciting news from the band themselves as they gear up to get back on the gigging circuit. And brand new exclusive band photographs by top photographer @trustfox !! Exciting times Puppet Rebellion fans, to find out more read on……

FB 1/ Welcome back again to ForgottenBeeBlog and congratulations on recruiting new singer Oliver. How difficult has it been to find the right person?

Cheers Bee! It’s been pretty tough finding a replacement for Si. We had quite a few people who came down to our rehearsal space, but we really didn’t want to settle for someone who didn’t blow our socks off. Luckily, Ollie turned up one night and did exactly that!

FB 2/ Welcome Oliver. You must feel over the moon to have got the Puppet Rebellion gig. Were you aware of their music before auditioning to become their singer?

Yeah, I’m delighted that they decided I was the man! It’s Exciting times. No I hadn’t but when I saw their advert for a new frontman, I checked them out and instantly loved their tunes. So it was a no brainer to apply. 


FB 3/ Oliver, what’s your background, where do you come from and what’s your musical history?

I’m from Stoke-on-Trent. I was in a band there with mates from college for about 9 years. We did sort of indie rock with a touch of electronic here and there. We had some good tunes but never really pursued a career in music seriously as we were all very lazy (including myself!) and life and jobs got in the way and the band just fizzled out.

FB 4/ You will have all rehearsed together now and maybe come up with some new song ideas. How has having Oliver in the band affected the songwriting and will be seeing a change of style for Puppet Rebellion?

Ollie’s been fantastic with regards to his contribution so far. He’s a naturally good songwriter and we’ve been able to move forward very quickly with new material. Ollie’s voice is different from our old singer, but our basic feel and style remains very similar to what it was – only now it’s better!


FB 5/ Oliver, there is going to be a huge expectancy from hard core Puppet Rebellion fans to hear the songs as PR’s former front man Simon sang them. Is their a similarity in your vocal delivery?

Not really. my voice is very different to Si’s. Hopefully people will warm to it and it won’t be too much of an issue.

FB 6/ After a period of not being able to gig, how does it feel to be getting back in the saddle?

We absolutely cannot wait! We’ve recorded some new music recently and just finished a new video and now we’re raring to get back to playing live! We hope to be announcing gig dates in the very near future – maybe even this week!

FB 7/ Your first gig and recordings with the new line up is going to feel quite strange for many/some of your fans.. ForgottenBeeBlog invites you to say a few words to them now both the band and Oliver as the new frontman.

First of all I’d just like to say a massive thanks for the messages of support we’ve had from people wishing me and the band well. It is going to be strange at first as Si was the focal figure of the band but stick with us and hopefully the next gig and recordings will conquer any doubts! 


FB 8/ Ok, serious stuff over… Oliver, as the new boy, you are tasked with completing the ForgottenBeeBlog poetry challenge.. You must create a poem with no more than sixteen words.. But! You must include the words ‘front man’ … Go!

Dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner Front man!


FB 9/ Puppet Rebellion, You are approached to write a song for the brand new ‘James Bond’ film… The title will be… ‘Forever never land’… What would be your lyrics for the first verse and chorus?

I got a licence to thrill 

Some martinis to spill

Got my eye on the bill

Oh it’s all inclusive ” that’s brill “!

I can drink forever in forever never land

I can drink forever in forever never land

(No. 1 in the making ) £££!!!!!! 




FB 10/ Where would your dream gig be? Any country, and venue… And why would it be special?

It’s got to be Glastonbury, main stage on the last night. That’d be pretty cool.

FB 11/ As an ambitious band, could you tell ForgottenBeeBlog what scares you the most about fame and fortune?

Not obtaining either!

FB 12/ What has been the biggest event in Puppet Rebellions time line so far?

Getting interviewed for ForgottenBeeBlog, obviously!

FB – creeping to the Bee will get you everywhere 😉 X



FB 13/ How do producers work along side Puppet Rebellion? Do you have a favourite producer?

We like to go into the studio very prepared, and our guitarist Craig does a lot of pre-production work beforehand. We’ve recently recorded with a really well-respected producer called Gavin Monaghan who has worked with some great bands including Editors, who we like a lot. I’d say that he’s been a personal favourite producer of all of ours.



FB 14/ Just something that I’m beginning to ask bands/artists etc.. What is the most cliche’d question that you get asked, and what would be a question you would like to be asked.. and can you please answer it ?

We get asked how we formed a lot – it’s on our website already!

I would like to be asked ‘Have you ever killed a man with your bare hands, just to watch him die?’ and my answer would be ‘No comment’.

FB 15/ My final question is for Oliver… You’re from Stoke On Trent I see!… Stoke City or Port Vale?? … Looking forward to meeting you and the rest of the Puppet Rebellion lads at a gig again soon. Need to add a drumstick to my collection 😉 FB x

There’s only one team in Stoke on Trent… Port vale! I’m a season ticket holder. It ain’t half depressing mind you!  🙂

Cheers for such a quirky interview look forward to meeting you too! 🙂 

Ollie x

Photographs courtesy of @trustfox



Twitter:    @PuppetRebelion




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