ForgottenBee talks psyentifically about the impact of chemicals for breakfast with psychedelic rock band PSYENCE @PsyenceUk

Artwork courtesy of Psyence

Right class! Please take your seats for today’s psyence lesson. We shall be covering myrcenes and terpenes, the health benefits of a mango enriched diet, and the restrictions of spandex. Our project today will be the study of the birth of the phoenix as it breaks its way out of its psychedelic shell. If I catch any of you talking or misbehaving I shall whip my cane out…. eyes on the board class!

FB 1/ Psyence, Welcome to Forgottenbeeblog. Let’s begin with Vinyl… Your Zebra single release and your new single release “Phoenix” on 3rd November are both on special edition vinyl’s… Are you taking a stance against the digital age?

No, we utilise everything we can. We have released and will be releasing singles digitally as well as physically, 3 are available from iTunes and other worldwide platforms already.

Photography courtesy of Lee Fereday and artwork by Michael Outhouse

Photography courtesy of Lee Fereday and Zebra artwork by Blak Hand @Blak_Hand

FB 2/ I really loved ‘Chemicals For Breakfast’ and it’s accompanying video (see it here: it’s a very sexy track as you know by my comments and I thought you’d really found your niche. Yet you appear to be the chameleon on the music scene.. always changing an aspect in your sound. Are we to expect something completely different yet again with ‘Phoenix’?

Thanks, yeah we really enjoyed recording Chemicals, felt like we had produced something of real quality all round, with the sound, image and overall campaign we had for that. Phoenix is again completely different, this time it’s very heavy. We’ve gone for the Slayer look with our vinyl, we just like to show our fans that we are diverse and come from all sorts of musical backgrounds. We like to push ourselves musically and believe we can do anything. We’re still very much finding our sound and are hardly ever happy with what we produce (bar chemicals) as we are very much perfectionists.

Photograph Courtesy of @TrustFox Trust a Fox photography

Photograph Courtesy of @TrustFox

FB 3/ You hail from the gritty streets of Stoke on Trent… Tell me about its musical heritage….isn’t Robbie Williams from there 😉 ?

The less said about Robbie the better, Slash ‘guns’ n ‘roses’ lived around Stoke for a bit as did Lemmy from ‘Hawkwind”and “Motorhead’. Stoke has always been good for its nightlife with clubs like The Place, Jolly’s, Shelly’s back in the day and more recently with The Sugarmill and Underground taking the live music scene, we’ve been able to see loads of great bands pass through this city, we just think its time a band from the city did something and put Stoke back on the map.


Photograph courtesy of @TrustFox

FB 4/ Let’s get the Psyence history book out, How did the band form?

The band formed in late 2012, Steve, Joe and Ben had been in a previous band, and decided we wanted a musical change as we were being restricted to what we could play, Jamie and BenC had been close friends of ours for ages so it only seemed plausible to get them in, we all enjoy making music together, loads of laughs and positive feelings, it creates something quite remarkable.

Photograph courtesy of Psyence

Photograph courtesy of Psyence

FB 5/ I’ve noticed that you’ve played the Liverpool Psych Fest @LPoolPsychFest … A fantastic platform for your music … What was your reception like from the crowd?

They loved it and where there’s a responsive audience; all feedback was good feedback from that festival. It got our name out there quite a bit, it helped with our career loads. We really do have a soft spot for that festival as they gave us our chance to perform which is what we love, to a bigger audience.

FB 6/ You have in the past given ‘mangos’ away to fans as momentos … Care to tell us why? Don’t be shy 😉 !

It’s been scientifically or shall we say Psyentifically proven that when smoking cannabis, mangos increase, strengthen and even lengthen the euphoric feelings felt. This happens because they have a high amount of ‘myrcenes terpenes’ a chemical compound which in layman’s terms means it delivers THC quicker to the brain. We used give them away at gigs because we believe people should have their five a day!

Photograph courtesy of Lee Fereday

Photograph courtesy of Lee Fereday

FB 7/ Let’s get back to the music… Is there a method to creating Psyence sounds?

Our main method to writing is jamming. Seeing where we can take things and how far we can push it. The things we like, we keep, mash them together to create what we want. Steve(lead guitar vocals) & Jay (bassist) come up with stuff together and bring it to the rest of us. Jay is the main writer of lyrics. We all have our input with the creating, we just have different ways of doing it.

Photograph courtesy of @TrustFox

Photograph courtesy of @TrustFox

FB 8/ Your tracks often have an animal theme Medusa and her snakes, Zebra and now Phoenix, what pets does each band member have?

Steve has 2 dogs & 2 cats, BenC has 1 dog, Jay has 1 cat, Joe has 2 cats and BenN doesn’t have any pets but that is because he is already an animal! We are all animal lovers.

Was kinda hoping you’d have tarantulas, snakes, reptiles, phoenix, phirana,  or a micro-pig at the very least 😉 FB X

FB 9/ Your drummer Joe Walsh has quite fabulous hair… Who has the worst in the band and why?

Joe has the best hair in the industry! We all agree Steve has the worst hair as its too short (sorry steve,) he has agreed to us, that he will be growing it!


FB 10/ Come on, let’s have your nicknames for each band member?

Steve – Wedge head (he has a fat head)

BenC – Como (last name)

BenN – Piglet (former band used to be called skinny pigs)

Joe – Tree head (looks like a tree while stood still)

Jay – Yaj (Jay backwards)

FB 11/ Psyence have also been known to DJ at gigs, this really interests me, who’s the drive behind this and how did you ‘get into’ it?

Jay did it once at a show in our hometown. We had just come back off our first UK tour and someone had asked us to play a different show in Stoke. We weren’t keen as we had already played there a week previous. So we offered to do a DJ set. Jay is the man with the tunes, all of us are always asking him for some new music. He introduced Psyence to Tame Impala. I’m sure its something he will pursue, we had a really good time dancing to the music we love getting blasted out in a venue.


Photograph Courtesy of @TrustFox

FB 12/ What is your favourite lyric ever written and why?

‘Force fed, force mixed ’till I drop dead
 You can’t defeat her, when you meet her you’ll be what I said
 And Lord knows there’s a method to her madness
Bustin’  those jokes as I float in a sea of sadness’

Any Jack White lyrics. WoW.

Photograph courtesy of @TrustFox

Photograph courtesy of @TrustFox

FB 13/ Are any members of Psyence classically trained in any genre of music?

None of us have been classically trained. Steve and Joe had lessons for years being taught jazz and a variety of other genres, Steve has a Grade 8 in guitar. The other lads are self taught or have been taught by Steve.

FB 14/ For a band so instrumentally powerful, have you ever considered writing a purely instrumental piece of music?

Last year our introduction song was completely instrumental, we took bits of old songs we didn’t use and mashed them together, it never got recorded and subsequently got dropped, the way Psyence is going we’re looking to polish up and create more of a back catalogue of songs. We’re looking to have more space and I’ll use the term ‘less is more,’ not going to divulge too much into it, you will have to wait and see.

Photography courtesy of Psyence

Photography courtesy of Psyence

FB 15/ Your Manager (Anthony Nyland) stands before you all and claims that if you all wear Spandex suits and grow huge moustaches he can get you bigger gigs, a huge recording contract and make you millions… Would you do it?

May aswell try on x factor! Thats not for us! Spandex might restrict our testicles!


Photograph courtesy of @TrustFox

FB 16/ Let’s talk about your fans… You have a strong and loyal following both live and on social media, and yet I have to say you’re very…. prudent.. with your twitter/facebook activity, rarely getting into long conversation or ‘Follow Friday’ tweets etc.. Do you think that part of the ‘Psyence mystery’ along with the music is what gives your fanbase such strong foundations?

We know it’s an important tool in this day and age and again we’re learning and getting better, we feel you need to let your fans find you, it makes it more special for them that way. We do try and keep people updated and speak to fans as much as we can, we feel it has more of an impact face to face though. We do plan on touring the world. That way we can meet our international fans; who can only really speak to us through social media at the moment.


FB 17/ Getting back to your new single release ‘Phoenix’… will you be making a video to accompany the song? Any hints as to what we might expect?

The video is ready and we are in it this time! Again not divulging too much into it you will just have to wait and see. (Since the interview was conducted Psyence have released the Phoenix video which was produced by Dan Hewitson @danfreakbeat. See it hear

FB 18/ How do Psyence chill, and do any band members have any weird and wonderful hobbies?

We eat, sleep and breathe the band. If we aren’t working our time is mostly spent writing, jamming or planning for future releases. When we do have time to relax, we go to gigs, 3 of us are big Stoke City fans and try to get to as many games we can in a season.


FB 19/ Psyence… Congratulations.. You are the first band to take the ForgottenBeeblog challenge.. I’m interested in the link between music and poetry.. So in no more than sixteen words create a poem that includes the name of your new single ‘phoenix’… Go!

Yesterday is over and today just begun,

Phoenix the sky is your playground, your new home the sun.

Wow #Loveit that’s impressive 🙂 FB X

FB 20/ Psyence my final question…. just to clear things up for @dazmanc of the Music Files on @SalfordCRadio is the P in Psyence silent? 😉

Thank you so much for coming out of the shadows of Stoke to take part in this interview #Fbee X


Yeah its a silent P

Psyence – Pronounced: Science.


Photography Courtesy of Psyence, Trust a Fox Photography @TrustFox, Lee Fereday and with artwork Blak Hand @Blak_Hand


Twitter:    @PsyenceUK




YouTube:    Phoenix Video:


Phoenix Single available at Salvation Records:


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    • Thank you very much David glad you enjoyed it and I really value your comments makes all the hardwork worthwhile when you get great feedback 😀 they’re a top band and make unique music X


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