tactus amantem


Circles drawn using the tip of the finger,

lightly stirring the nerves, as on the skin they rousingly linger.


Unexpected twitches begin,

as in the brain the endorphins sing.


Breathing whispers tingle across the cheek,

hands and legs instinctively each other eagerly seek.


A want, a need, a driven force,

as throughout the body the blood begins to course.


Feelings of completeness occur deep with in,

fuelled desire and passion emotions to the surface bring.


Senses heightened as the heat begins to rise,

uncontrollable urges of mortal pleasure create sighs.


Often a feeling of euphoria can be realised,

if connected and in tune the atoms successfully collide.


Something more than just a moment in time,

a profound bonding, spiritually sublime.


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