“No Hot Ashes” A story of a single release “Goose”


So it’s Friday night and the girls suggest a long over due catch up which always results in sourcing a “New Music” live gig, laughter, drinking and dancing. So where to choose, with the mass array of quality music venues in Manchester it’s like a sweetie shop. We fall into the third choice, we’ve been before so know the lay out and the quality of sound. Up at the bar to get the drinks in, and we notice the suave sophisticated band manager and music promoter Mr Peeps @MrPeepSays – Result! It’s going to be an even greater night now he always puts on a smart live gig! The venue starts to fill, and I spy some fit looking lads making their way to the stage. Nudging my mates to turn their attention and bring smiles all round, I triggered the signal for Phoebe, not short of coming forward to grab hold of one and ask the band name – “No Hot Ashes” @_NoHotAshes she shouts across, we all instantly know the buzz surrounding these guys. Let the night commence!



One drink down and up for another, I spy my mate Gary @GBH68 over by the stage with his camera, Tog duty. Great opportunity, I owe him a beer, and thought – if I’m lucky – I might charm him into sharing a few of the photos to please the girls and I. Mr Peeps grabs the mic and centre stage introduces ‘No Hot Ashes’ explaining that they are going to perform their brand new single “Goose” it’s produced by the renowned Gavin Monaghan @gavinmonaghan, and is for sale at the back of the venue. Lucy jumps up and shouts “Oh wow Gavin Monaghan he’s amazing he’s worked with loads of people like Robert Plant, Paolo Nutini, The Twang –  Oh my god I’m so excited”


The music starts with the feel of distant and restrained guitars, instinctively we dump our drinks and head for the front of stage. Suddenly, with a shock, the snare drum with a sharp stab kicks in, the thrill of pounding drives through us and without hesitation we want to dance and oh ..we do! Throughout the performance we feel the clean energetic drum work by Matt combined with the cheeky Mancunian dialect of Isaac on vocals and Luigi on backing vocals to give it that laddish style, overlaid by the funky bass playing by Jack. This song definitely gets us moving! Funk is the word! The crowd surges forward dancing and I swear I caught the lead singer’s eye a few times I’m certain he was pointing at me, as he sang “is she imaginary”. Soon the crowd were all singing back to the band “she’s got me dancing” the hook of the song, and a bunch of lads at the back shout “Goose”, along with the band. You can tell they are part of a growing army of “No Hot Ashes“ fans.

As they launch into their B-side track “Skank”, immediately we feel the driving bass line which is clear to us the song is structured around. Isaac delivers a frantic and punchy vocal as the crowd appear to bounce in time. We are just getting into the groove, but Amber drags us to the back of the venue to buy the merchandise on offer , especially the new single before it’s all sold out. I could only feel sorry for Mr Peeps, as we stand in front of him giggling carrying the single, t-shirts, posters and badges. The last thing I remember as we leave is seeing a bemused Mr Peeps his cheeks covered in lipstick, shaking his head!

This NEW Single “Goose” by “No Hot Ashes” – Seriously guys is a MUST hear and I highly recommend it. The release date is 22nd October available on iTunes:  https://t.co/MaiPxJPA0o or contact @MrPeepsSays



Photographs courtesy of Gary @GBH68

Soundcloud :    https://soundcloud.com/no-hot-ashes-2/sets/goose

Face Book :     https://www.facebook.com/No.Hot.Ashes.Band/info

Live Gig Review:    https://forgottenbeeblog.wordpress.com/2014/07/02/mr-peeps-puppet-rebellion-deaf-institute-music-review-21st-june-2014/


2 responses to ““No Hot Ashes” A story of a single release “Goose”

  1. These guys sound epic, gonna have to check out some of their stuff ASAP …thanks again Bee, new music lives! 😉 x


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