ForgottenBee chats to No One Sun @NoOneSunn and reviews their new EP “Bogota”


Every once in a while a band create something really special – a collection of songs that “hang” together so well that it simply staggers the listeners. This is what No One Sun have achieved with “Bogota”. Here ForgottenBee talks to the band about astrology, the importance of bloggers to unsigned bands, breaking the highway code and asks the big question…….Why Bogota?

FB 1/ Welcome to ForgottenBeeBlog. If I could give out a badge (which I can) for unusual band names you’d be on my top 5 list.. What’s it all about and would you like a ForgottenBee badge?

“there are more stars in the universe than grains of sand on the earth – there is no one sun”
Inspired by the Drake Equation, it’s the implication that statistically, we can’t be alone in the universe.

Nick – and who would ever want to be alone?

and would you like a ForgottenBee badge?

Gary – Yes please, I’ll get my mum to sew it onto my speedos.

FB 2/ With so many great bands out there, all trying to get their music heard, what drives “No One Sun” to hold down ‘normal’ jobs and rehearse, write music, gig and record?

Craig – That’s a great question and believe it or not it’s not easy to answer. It’s hard to explain really but I’d put it down to a mixture of being able to be creative whilst having fun and I think all the guys would agree that it doesn’t half help let off some steam and provides a bit of escapism from the daily grind!

Jamie – It’s the love of writing good music, music that stands up against ‘signed’ bands and artists and the camaraderie that comes of being in a band.

Nick – and the drive is that one day we will be playing “that gig, the ultimate gig” where people will be singing our songs back to us, hands in the air, feeling that pure adrenaline when their favourite song kicks in and makes them feel like they are invincible. That is what drives us on. That moment.

Gary – The enjoyment and satisfaction of a crowd reaction and hanging out with 4 other great guys.

Hank – I really enjoy creating new bass lines and putting my own sound into things. It’s also a laugh hanging out with my mates and making loud noises!


FB 4/ I saw you live at a gig in Camden London and was hugely impressed by your performance and this is backed up by @NessiHolt’s review of the gig on her blog.

Do you get more of an adrenaline rush from live performance or releasing new recorded music, and what are the restrictions?

I think it’s difficult to call out one over the other as they are both hugely rewarding but in different ways.
Releasing something always brings a great sense of achievement but you can’t beat playing live.
Camden gig was the biggest rush to date although hearing a track start from a basic riff and build each week to a fully produced Song/EP/Album and all in house is a very satisfying feeling. It’s amazing to watch a track grow. It could start life just as a riff or Nick could walk into rehearsal with a well structured song and something like a BPM change just makes the whole thing click.
Playing live is the release of all those months of hard work, recording, writing, critiquing our tracks until we all go “that is the one!”
We put a ton of effort in the rehearsal room to try and ensure that we put on a show so that people think ‘they were ace, I want to come see them again’. When you see people enjoying it and dancing away, it’s awesome. 

Restrictions? The keyboards and orchestration on some tracks would probably be the main thing. For example the harps at end of The Moment.
Often it’s a compromise but as long as we capture the vibe of a track it works. Many people who have seen us hadn’t noticed the lack of strings or horns for instance.
Now we’re writing as a full band it’s less of an issue.
One thing  though is that for both recording and performing live is that when it clicks I guarantee every member of the band will have a smile on his face.


FB 5/ Speaking of new music, you’ve recently released your latest EP ‘Bogota’ (of which I’ve included a brief review at the end of this interview) which has had a brilliant reception from your fans, you must be hugely proud of it. Tell me about your feelings on “Bogota”, how you came to choose its title and who is responsible for the artwork?

We’re hugely proud of Bogota. It’s the first release as a full band and the first of many more. It signals exciting times ahead.
The name of the EP and the first track all came about from an interview we did with Dr Bones. We were talking about the album and how, through social media we’d achieved album sales across the globe and that we’d had success in South America, in particular Bogota. In a moment of silence as Dr Bones was about to ask the next question, Nick pipes up with ‘where the hell is Bogota?’. The rest of the band and Dr Bones lost it at that point – we just hope we didn’t upset our fans in Bogota!
Listen to his awesome show on Spreaker to hear it in full:
Jamie’s a graphic designer so does our artwork. The cover illustration is by a friend of his, an artist called Terry Rushworth. It features one of Terrys’ original pencil studies of dancing clergy for the painting ‘El sueño de la razó’. We feel very privileged to have been allowed to use it.


FB 6/ It was a real surprise and a very clever mix to hear my buddy @DrcBones at the beginning of the EP, this interview came across as a lot of fun. Were there any funny moments that occurred during the recording of “Bogota”?

Jamie – The interview was indeed great fun, probably our favourite. It’s hard to pinpoint one thing as we’re always taking the piss out of each other. For me, there was one impression Gary kept doing throughout the writing process that had us in tears but we can’t say of who or what. I’m laughing thinking about it.

Nick – Yeah, the most fun for us is every rehearsal in the studio, like we said we take the piss. We laugh till our insides hurt which is what makes us a good live band. Stage time comes and we are full on “giving the best performance we can” which is still fun. Also we like to change the words to songs while we rehearse normally takin the oils out of gaz.

Jamie – Yeah! We often joke that we know we’ve got a good song if you can insert Gary into it somewhere.

Gary – Recording in my living room was a funny moment for me!

Craig – Y’know, it may sound a bit corny but to be honest every time we get together as a band (whether it’s a rehearsal, recording, gigs or just beers) it’s a lot of fun.
Away from recording the EP there are a couple of tales from the Camden trip but what goes on tour stays on tour (apart from the parking tickets apparently 😉 ).

Hank – The whole EP was fun to do working on “I like this” was good. The lyrics and deciding which parts of a drunken night out to put in was very funny.


FB 7/ I’ve briefly mentioned Nessi and the wonderful reviews she and other bloggers produce focusing mainly on ‘new bands and artists’. How important are these bloggers to new bands in your opinion?

Huge. With the technology available to us today it makes releasing your own material and promoting yourself easier but that technology also means that a lot of ‘corporate’ Xfactor style music makes lots of noise too. Bloggers who take their own time and money to listen and try to understand a band or artist should be heard more. The fact they are doing it off their own backs (and not because they are being paid to) only adds value to their opinion.
We can’t thank yourself, Marc Barrick from Make it a Little Bit Louder @Make_Louder – 
Nessi @NessiHolt and the other kind blogs who have featured us so far enough. Without these we would never have been heard the way we have been. They give unsigned bands like us a platform and get our music out to a wider audience. There is SO much good music out there. Most of which sadly goes unheard or recognised. I’d recommend that you get online and find some of these guys and show them your support!

We love you bloggers!


FB 8/ Make up a totally fictional yet believable newspaper headline about “No One Sun”.


(it’s still under fierce debate who got the parking ticket in Camden…)

Hank – Upcoming band No one sun, win dodgeball tournament’. We’d make a great dodgeball team…


FB 9/ Getting back to ‘Bogota’ for a moment, you actually produced this album yourselves, and I have to say you’ve done an incredible job, I believe this was the work of your guitarist @JamieNoOnesun Did you plan to do this from the outset, and have you always taken this route?

We’ve always taken this route. We like the control it gives us. It means we can work at our own pace and try things without having to worry about studio costs. Only when each track is perfect do we release.
I think it shows that with effort, you can create something that stands up against big budget production.


FB 10/ Tell me which one person from the music industry each member of “No One Sun” would like to meet and why?

Craig – That is a TOUGH one! I guess it could be one of many but it would be amazing to be able to sit down with somebody who has been there and done it. Someone who started at the bottom and had some success but also importantly has seen or experienced some of the bad too. To be able to soak that type of information up and use it in one way or another would be invaluable. Who would you pick? Global mega star or a local band or artist who has the experience?

Nick – Noel Gallagher. My hero, great song writer and a real rock star. Its the 20th anniversary of (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? and the whole of that album still stands up today.

Gary – Dave Grohl because he is an amazing God of rock / song writer / performer and nice guy 🙂

Hank – Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers

Jamie – Hmmm. There’s no one I really want to meet. Although I’ve already been to the pub with him I’d probably say Youth. He’s bassist with my heroes Killing Joke, but he’s also one of the worlds top record producers with an amazing studio on a mountain top in Spain. He works with Paul McCartney as half of Fireman, has played bass on Kate Bush’s Hounds of Love, and his production credits are massive including the Verves Urban Hymns, The Orb, Pink Floyd, Crowded House, The View, Embrace, Guns n Roses,  Marylin Manson, Futureheads, Symphonic Led Zeppelin – it goes on. I’d like to talk geek with him. And record at Space Mountain 🙂



FB 11/ Your music has some wonderful vocal harmonies, who arranges these? And do all members of the band contribute to them?

Thank you. Generally Nick and Jamie arrange and Nick, Jamie & Gary perform them.


FB 12/ Do you think that in Britain we are missing a ‘Top of the Pops’ type format to showcase music?

Absolutely, but it would need to be pitched right too.  There’s Later with Jools which is still on our bucket list to play :), but something more in line with the spirit of The Tube would be awesome with a feature to showcase live unsigned bands to the public.


FB 13/ Where do you as a band draw your lyric writing inspiration from and who is mainly responsible?

Nick and Jamie write the lyrics. They wrote and performed the first album between them and have a really good working relationship with both the music and lyrics.
It’s no one persons job, it just happens. Sometime’s it’s Nick, sometimes it’s Jamie, sometimes it’s a mix.
Nick wrote a lot of “Bogota” for no other reason that it fell that way. The main thing is no one’s precious so nothing is carved in stone and each one edits and makes suggestions. The rule of thumb is its the song that matters.
Inspiration for lyrics can come from anywhere; a situation, a person, something that happened in the past or even a good conversation or a nice view. Sometimes it’s just the melody hummed over a tune we’ve come up with that’ll generate a phrase and they’re built from there. For example, I Like This is the story of how Nick met his girlfriend, and also spent a lot of nights out. Colder is about a friend of Jamie’s who’s dying of cancer.



FB 14/ Ok, you have some great videos on your YouTube channel. In what way are they important to you as a band, and what impact do they have on your fans?

Yeah, videos are very important. If you have something to look at it can really make a good song come across, visual expression.  A lot of people go to YouTube almost as if it’s their record collection. When you start to think about the opportunities from that (just think about the ‘suggested videos’ section that pops up when you’ve finished watching something) it’s huge. If you mix in a memorable video too then that only adds to the impact.
Away from the opportunities that come with a video we think it provides another level of interaction between the band and the listener. An example of this is the lyric video we have for ‘Colder’. Given the meaning behind those lyrics we feel that we are able to make the listener feel even more engaged by reading along to the lyrics as the song plays. We seen different reactions when watching that video compared to just listening to the track. It’s powerful but at the same time very very simple.
We have several videos planned for the Bogota EP.


FB 15/ You are now given 100 words to thank as many people as possible involved behind the scenes of No One Sun.

Oh wow ok here goes but you just know we’ll miss somebody off here! If you are reading this and your thinking ‘hey! What about me?’ Then we apologise!
In no particular order we offer our heartfelt thanks to… Our families for letting us play out, Mark Barrick, Nessi, Dr Bones, Ralph, Trust a Fox, Anton, Mr Peeps, Lee Fereday, hiapop, Wez, Jayne Marsh, Jay Lynchehaun, Terry Rushworth, Michael Garcia, Greg & Elliot at Elusive, Juno for sniffing Hanks balls, all the radio stations who have played our tracks and all the people who have bought, listened to us or come along to watch us live. Your support is amazing and we can’t thank you enough. Finally a big thanks to you Bee for a great interview 🙂


FB 16/ I have a drum stick belonging to your drummer (Craig) that I cunningly acquired from the Camden gig,(“All we rely on is stolen” ;)) as a huge music fan I enjoy these little momento’s.
Do you get a lot of fans asking you to sign copies of your EP’s or anything else?

Craig – Yeah I remember that! I seem to recall it going in the side of your boots for safe keeping!

Hank – Good catch! You need one of our plectrums as well then!

FB – Yes Please 🙂

Jamie – Two girls once asked us to sign their boobs. Which was nice.

Nick – And we never knew how hard it is to write on boobs!! It was nice though 😉 we must write a song about it In fact..

FB 17/ Where is the best place to go to find out about gig dates and where to listen to and purchase your music and merchandise? has all the links to buy the music & merch, gigs etc
Twitter (@NoOneSunn) and are the best places for news.
We are also on an android/apple app called ‘bandsintown’,
with all our gigs and future events are there too.

ForgottenBee “Bogota” EP review

Let’s get the cards on the table… No One Sun’s new EP “Bogota” is simply brilliant!
It starts with clever artistry in a thoughtful snippet from their interview with Dr Bones. Then this EP jumps off with a breathless energy that makes you feel like it’s grabbed you by the scruff of the neck, urging you to join it and have a good time. And you will, every track (and this is a bumper 5 song EP) is awe-inspiring with a production quality to match!
To choose a favourite track is near impossible, though I do love “I like this” for its infectious chorus which immediately reverberates in your mind. It would however be wrong to isolate it from its “Bogota” pals, as these tunes are like a close group of friends, each with their own personality. I implore you to get this EP and acquaint yourself with each one.
The final track on the EP “Colder”, No One Sun have created their show closer, their Anthem. Each time I hear it, I imagine thousands of lighters, phones, glow-sticks waving along as the band perform it live. It’s truly remarkable!
The only bad thing about this EP is the fact that it’s not a full album’s worth of tracks… but hey, I’m sure that’s the idea, to leave us wanting more!
And that is exactly what No One Sun have cleverly done with “Bogota”… Greatness beckons! FB


Photographs Courtesy of Trust Fox Photography – @TrustFox –, Tim Vernon and NoOneSun

Twitter:    @NoOneSunn






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