ForgottenBee talks to the unique and illustrious Adamski @OfficialAdamski renowned for his Acid House and Rave scene DJ sets


ForgottenBee talks with renowned DJ Adamski about fashion, mixing desks, what makes him laugh, and “Ballroom Dancing” really!? It’s time to FutureWaltz with the man himself …..

 FB 1/    You have recently changed your latest musical adventure from Neo-Waltz to Future – Waltz. Why have you done that and what interested you about this particular time signature?

It sounds more to the point and less like a self indulgent joke..a lot of young people don’t know what waltz means anyway so I also call it 3step which speaks for itself …

I find the 3/4 time signature has a particular mood whatever the genre ….it’s like a parallel universe of music…it’s got a kind of sexy and humorous lilt which compels people to spin round n round cos the beat kind of circles itself ….’walzer’ is the german verb “to turn” …(FB – dictionary translation walzer – dance/waltz)
IMG_3450 2
FB 2/    I see H & M @hm @hmusa are using your “Killer” track in its advertising campaign. Huge congratulations! Did you have to do any additional work on the track for its use, and how did it come about?                                                                      

Killer is like a gift that keeps on giving ….I wrote it 25 years ago in about 15 mins and it always seems to get regurgitated when I’ve got some massive bills, maxed out my credit card or I am moving country…it’s a proper blessing…

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 13.17.53

Screen Shot taken from You Tube video of H & M video of advert

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 13.19.01

Screen Shot from You Tube Video Of H & M advert.

FB 3/    The Future-Waltz would be a perfect introduction to a new generation of dance music lover and I imagine would fit perfectly with the explosion of prom nights in this country and others. Where can they learn to do the Future-Waltz?

It’s easy …channel the spirits of Sid’n’Nancy and Fred’n’Ginger while envisioning Los Angeles krumpers…spin around and let yourself go ….the generated dizziness is akin to taking drugs 😉
My dream is warehouses full of waltzers…
FB 4/    What makes you laugh?
Puerile humour and my sharp witted friends….also my daughter’s dog’s little legs…

FB 5/    Do you embrace modern technology with regards to making music, or do you feel it inhibits your artistic skill?

I love technology …..I love making tunes and beats on trains and planes or my kitchen or wherever….plus I find traditional instruments (which I can play) frustratingly limiting …like being a painter with a big top quality canvas and only a felt tip pen or a biro….

FB 6/    Adamski you have a “W” emblem on your forehead.  May I inquire into its meaning, and is it permanent?

It’s a white ink tattoo….it is W for waltz obvs…and a symbol of my allegiance to my art..


FB 7/    You were involved with the iconic fashion designer Vivienne Westwood @FollowWestwood at her couture fashion show in Vienna. What was that like and can you get me any free frocks?

I love doing anything in Austria as I get a great deal of inspiration there obvs as it’s the birthplace of the waltz … was exciting bringing the waltz back home and very touching that many Viennese people commended me for it….I got tons of garments including some unique pieces and bags of accessories  which I mostly distributed between my daughters…

FB 8/    Who is your most treasured friend and why?

I’ve got loads of friends all over the world….I’m blessed like that…

FB 9/    It is fair to say that your collaboration on “Killer” launched both yours and Seal’s musical careers to a wider audience, do you ever think you will perform on stage together again?

Well we did go in the studio together last year and it was like picking up from where we left off 24 years ago, and felt magical and we were making some powerful fresh music..but then he disappeared inexplicably….maybe cos I refuse to work on anything other than 3/4 time….but then again he loves that too….his biggest ever song is ‘Kiss from a Rose’ …a waltz…which I remixed back in the day and again recently in FutureWaltz style ….it remains exclusive to my DJ sets and is a joy to play….I think it might be on my soundCloud as it goes….

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 16.13.30

FB 10/    I recently interviewed Jo Burt of Black Sabbath fame, he had some strong views on the music industry, what are your experiences?

Snakes n ladders

FB 11/    Let’s talk turn tables/mixing desks, what are your weapons of choice?

I like using CDs to mix….and have since the mid 90s ….so then I was ahead of my time and now I’m like a luddite ….also now when i spin I’m playing 95% of my own music….or at least extreme personalised re-edits n bootlegs …I think with the technology available now all DJs should be doing this now ….and if not why not ?


FB 12/    If you hadn’t become a musician what occupation do you think you would be doing now?

I was a window cleaner when I left school but I’m scared of heights so probably not that….maybe a postman …or an astronaut but then there’s that heights problem again…

FB 13/    What inspires you to write music and has your inspiration changed with maturity?

Everything inspires me to write music including good music and parties and shit music and parties….travelling to exotic places or grim places….doing mundane stuff like going to Wilkos…I’ve switched from music press and fashion mags to history and National Geographic mags so maybe that’s me being more mature and I get a few ideas from
 IMG_1649IMG_1657 (1)

FB 14/    You are a man of unique style when it comes to fashion. How important is this to you and what designers do you wear?

I just enjoy dressing up….there’s obvs a connection between music and fashion and the same things inspire me with both but I don’t have to wear interesting and beautiful clothes to play interesting and beautiful music…I just do….
I like Bernard Willhelm, Martin Margiella, American Apparel, comme des garcons, A child of the Jago and others less known that I randomly come across on my travels in say south america or Russia or Italy or Austria or wherever….
unnamed unnamed-2

FB 15/    You’ve now had a career in the music industry for over 25 years. In that time you will have collaborated with lots of artists, producers, managers etc. Who do you respect most in the music industry?

Robert Plant gave me some sweet and heartfelt (I believe) encouragement when I was 18 …I played him some of my very lo-fi naive electronic stuff and he asked me to play it again and enthused about it..he didn’t have to do that ….
Malcolm McLaren was my idol from a young age….sad I never met him…
I respect innovators musically and business-wise I respect mavericks who’ll fearlessly push something that’s not homogenised ‘safe bet’ music…

FB 16/    Are you a religious man?

No I’m a ‘one love’ spirit of the universe kind of man but I deeply respect other people’s beliefs and like a lot of their clothes ,buildings, prayers and rituals…


FB 17/    Where can we purchase your music? Do you tour and if so where could we find out about up and coming dates and venues?

I’m imminently releasing stuff soon on my own ‘‘ including vinyl ….I have a double aa side on Ashley Beedle’s new label ‘back to the world’ under the name ‘fleas on skis’ ..1st official 3step release….I’ve just got a new agent so should be playing out more soon….its been a bit quiet this year…

FB 18/    Adamski thank you so much for taking part in this interview. Final thoughts from you in only 3 words please 😉 #FBee X

“Um I dunno”

Cheers x adam


Adamski with Lee Perry courtesy of Nana klimek

Photographs courtesy of Nigel Askew, Nana Klimek, Screen Shots from YouTube,

Live gig photographs by ForgottenBee

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