Laurie McMahon live review at Loves Cafe


A contemporary comfortable and welcoming bar, Loves Cafe Weston Super Mare, which is more than a coffee shop. A two levelled venue with a high beamed ceiling giving a church or chapel life feel. On the lower level where the musicians perform on a Friday and Saturday evening customers can enjoy a traditional restaurant table seating serving Tapas. Whereas upstairs is a mixture of leather sofas, comfortable arm chairs and tables. A vast assortment of books to borrow and enjoy, numerous pieces of artwork adroned the walls for sale. Plus a large white screen in the middle of the upper balconies which at the time was showing the muted “Coffee and Cigarettes” by the director Jim Jarmusch, giving a rather Parisienne touch to the atmosphere. Offering a unique space to suit everyone, and I am sure very popular with students.

Despite the horrendous down pour throughout the day, a real shock to the system after enjoying weeks of  Mediterranean bliss. Discovering this little gem of a social hub provided a perfect ending. Somewhere not only to dry off, relax and unwind but also take in some live music, whilst enjoying a drink rather quirkily served in jam jars. This brings me to the reason for writing this post, to share with you the lasting impression the artist Laurie McMahon left on me.

At the age of just 14 Laurie, gave the impression of a true professional. A sound check had already taken place but he still wanted the volume of the microphone adjusted to ensure the audience on all levels could clearly hear his vocal tones. His set provided a mixture of covers and songs that he had written himself  “Red”, “Stars”  and “illuminate with very deep and meaningful lyrics of experiences well beyond his years. Laurie has a very distinct voice and his performance made me feel had a touch of Bob Dylan to it. It is refreshing and inspiring to still  be able to find pure talent in one so young, with such ease of confidence to perform live. I discovered this link on YouTube I highly recommend you take time to give him a listen.




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