This was a poem I wrote (followed by part covering letter sent)  to our Prime Minister David Cameron

in March 2014 to help change policy

and the plight for carers in this country. From personal experience.

Sadly despite grieving and writing something different a poem,  Aids to the Prime Minister ensured he never got to read it. 

It would have been better if I had died

It would have been better if I had died

then my children and I wouldn’t be swept aside

ignored by all because we are young

Yet 6 years of caring for my husband was my only income

It would have been better if I had died

As for the past 6 years I’ve been classed unemployed

Despite giving up my career to take care of him

My families needs and means are taken on a whim

It would have been better if I had died

As my 20 years of work would have counted with pride

Life insurance would have paid out and bereavement

benefit received

Widowed parents allowance granted allowing time to grieve

It would have been better if I had died

Still the same continuous fight although he’s no longer alive

Social services don’t care and have shut the file

Yet there’s a young family here that need support for a while

It would have been better if I had died

the car wouldn’t have been taken back and mobility denied

Now I’m expected to get a job that’s all that matters

Yet my career is long gone in unemployment statistic tatters

It would have been better if I had died

Yet I sacrificed everything to take care of him for life

Caring’s such a selfless emotional physical ‘n’ mentally draining job

Which I know over the years I’ve saved the government a fair bob

It would have been better if I had died

My husband in a wheelchair would get more attention if he survived

If it wasn’t for the community around helping, caring and supporting me

I’d be a mess as the government’s shown me no respect as a hard working citizen of this country


Rt Hon David Cameron

House of Commons



Dear David Cameron

I am writing to you as the Prime Minister of this country

pleading with you to help me and my family

I’ve contacted my local MP to no avail

So I have no choice but to tell you my tale

Christmas Eve my disabled husband we cared for died

sudden unexpected and a real shock to our lives

As the able one his main carer who survived

no support has been given and benefits denied

Yet as a young family I would have expected more

but all government departments have simply ignored

any needs we may have to help deal with our grief

but everything has been taken away it’s beyond belief

I’ve had to write this pure necessity

To make a change to bureaucracy and policy

so others don’t have to suffer like me

having been a carer and working hard for my family

On every level I’m continually hit

quite frankly my life at the moment is difficult and sh*t

Together we created this Elliott Brook conceptual piece of artwork in commemoration of London Summer Olympics 1908 and celebration of London2012 through years of hard work fund raising and grant applications on Shepherd’s Bush Green West London July 2012.


Goaloids-5 Goaloids-3


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