The Bedroom Hour – Debut Album – review -by Forgottenbee

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Courtesy of The Bedroom Hour

The Bedroom Hour

The Bedroom Hour is a five piece West London based group from Uxbridge. They combine the sound of atmospheric synth, accomplished unique guitar riffs, distinct rhythmic drum beats with evocative powerful and moving vocals and lyrics. These guys possess real drive, desire and dedication to make memorable music which is sure to succeed. They record and mix all their tracks in Uxbridge in their own studio space. Hinterland their debut album due for release 14th July 2014 follows the success and acclaim of their 6 track debut EP released 17th May 2013.



Stuart Drummond – Lead
Rob Payne – Guitar and Backing Vocals
Mark Dudley – Keyboard
Andy Copper – Bass
Lewis Cosham – Drums

“Described by BBC Introducing’s Gary Crowley as ‘epic, big sounding, widescreen pop-rock’, the bedroom hour are a unique blend of psychedelic soaring guitars, ethereal synths, haunting melodies and original emotive lyrics.” – Ocean YouTube Video


Album cover photo Artwork and design by Jodie Byrne

Hinterland is the name for The Bedroom Hour’s debut Album successfully funded through PledgeMusic and to be released on 14th July 2014 and derives from German and means “The land behind”. The district behind the coast or shoreline of a river. The area where products are delivered to a port for export and shipping. The middle of nowhere, the backwoods. An area lying beyond what is visible or known, “the strange hinterland where life begins and ends”. Very apt for the tracks contained within.

The photographic artwork appearing on the album cover is deep and meaningful conjuring up  many images, thoughts, memories and moments. One of smoke rising above London’s industrial city below with a darkened tempestuous sky.

The bedroom hour approached me and asked if I would review this album, which I felt really honoured to do and being my first I wanted to make sure I gave it as much of my time and energy that I believe it deserved, and I could give. The request however came on the back of a very busy weekend, and week ahead. So whilst I was travelling around the country by train I had my earphones in on my phone like the rest of the commuters, but I had the lucky job of listening to new music.

My initial reaction after the first hearing was I wanted to listen to the album again and I could hear many of my musical heroes’ influences through the tracks from Elbow, U2 and Cold Play to Joy Division, Simple Minds and Big Country giving the album that powerful familiarity of strong ballads yet diversity of instrumental mixed in. The true stand out track for me is WW/Me where there is not only the excitement of the strong edgy guitar riffs mixed with energetic drum beats but the lead singer Stuart really experiments with his voice to create muffled sounds giving the overall song a really profound haunting atmosphere totally fitting the track’s title.

 Hinterland 01 Ocean 02 Sea Without Water

This predominantly instrumental track is accompanied by a very cool arty video on Youtube , it can also be found on the homepage of The Bedroom Hour’s website, A great introduction to the album and an opportunity for the keyboard player Mark Dudley to shine with reverberations accompanied by light evocative vocals from lead Stuart Drummond.

Hinterland 02 Sea Without Water 03 Nocturnal

A solid uplifting track and a perfect juxtaposition to the instrumental beginning to this album. Sea without water begins with tingles from the synth immediately leaping into a robust combination of guitar and drums generating a bold and fearless blend between the instruments and stirring passion resonating through Stuart’s vocals and lyrics, a true Big Country power to this track.

Hinterland 03 Nocturnal

 04 Heart Will Haunt

The beginning guitar riffs on this track build up with true Bryan Adams style “Run to You” robustness and increase the feel that you are already acquainted with the song. This is a real feel good track that is instantly catchy and you find yourself singing the lyrics long after it’s ended. Speaking with the band they told me this particular track I had picked out is very popular live and one the crowd asks for and engages with.  I am yet to catch this band live but it’s on my to do list.

 Hinterland 04 Heart Will Haunt

 05 Broken

Pounding repetitive drum beats, combine with the calm strumming of the guitar begin this track. As the drum beats change to a marching style Stuart adds heartfelt fervent vocals “The silence speaks volumes, its taking over you” he alternates in strength of delivery of his voice which helps to build tension and emotion within the listener.

Hinterland 05 Broken

06 Sapphires

Unique and quality guitar riffs created by Rob Payne build depth at the beginning with a siren sounding creating a real “War of the Worlds” feel air raid effect as the intensity of Lewis Cosham’s drum beats kick in along with deep rousing powerful vocals and lyrics from Stuart.

 Hinterland 06 Sapphires

 07 Ghost Of A Smile

This track has a real Cold Play feel and begins with gentle guitar riffs leading into Stuart’s vigorous echoey vocals before Lewis’s punchy attack on the drums. The repetition of the lyrics makes for a very memorable track.

Hinterland 07 Ghost Of A Smile

 08 WW/Me

A really gentle 80’s feel to this track with a different tempo and blend of keyboard, drum beats and poignant emotive lyrics with an interesting underlying guitar riff creating a feel of  U2’s raw ‘War” album combined with Simple Minds.  The fusion of vocals between Stuart and Rob thoughout this track creates a stirring atmospheric effect.

 Hinterland 08 WW/Me

09 I See Suns

This track begins with tingles of synth and gentle haunting vocals as the strong guitar riffs kick in and the pounding drum beats increase the intensity. We then hear Stuart experimenting with his vocals to create a variation of muffled sounds I find this track really exciting. There is a real Big Country-esque boldness about it. The guitar riffs created are extremely clever and triggered my imagination of airplanes flying overhead bombs dropping and air raid sirens sounding (I can only imagine how amazing these sound effects would be on Vinyl totally authentic of an era). This is a real knockout of a track with its energy, pace and moments of the synth, guitar and drums taking the limelight.

Hinterland 09 I See Suns

 10 Hinterland

This track I see Suns demonstrates the diversity of influences The Bedroom Hour draw on when they are making their music as the beginning guitar riffs bring The Police to mind, while  pounding drum beats and robust vocals combine with an underlying synth reminiscent of Gary Newman’s “Cars”.

 Hinterland 10 Hinterland11 A Map Made From My Bones

Dramatic synths lead this track with reverberating vocals which evolve gradually along with the drums and guitar. This track could have ended the album as The Ocean began it, as I am sure they will possibly use it as a finale to a live gig, due to its poignancy and drama. However, like leaving an album running and finding a hidden track this neatly leads into A Map From My Bones.

Hinterland 11 A Map Made From My Bones 

11 A Map Made From My Bones

As a writer and lyricist myself I found the lyrics to this song fascinating and very moving.  This track begins with a gentle chiming and tingling of the synth as Stuart begins to sing “So fragile and so weak, you’re made of glass when you break you cut yourself so deep”, quickly it develops with powerful guitar riffs and  pounding drum beats “So fragile and so weak, you’re made of glass when you break you shatter piece by piece” you can almost feel the pain through Stuart’s vocal performance.  This song gives a definite nod to Oasis “Look back in Anger”.

image (2)

Courtesy of The Bedroom Hour

This is undoubtedly an impressive well polished quality debut album, and one you should definitely have in your cd collection.

 Up and coming live gigs

12th July  Night and Day Cafe Manchester

19th July  southlands live, west drayton

20th July  proud galleries, london

26th July  deerstock festival, newton, nottinghamshire

2nd August  blackfest, the blacksmiths arms, harworth

30th August  wigan live festival, wigan

30th August  glastonbrewery festival, lancaster

6th September the hop, wakefield


Courtesy of The Bedroom Hour

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