Mr Peeps – Puppet Rebellion Deaf Institute Music Review 21st June 2014

Mr Peeps – Puppet Rebellion Deaf Institute Music Review 21st June 2014

That buzz of excitement as I travel North to Manchester again, a long journey, but one well worth the destination. A city alive with new music events in different venues every night of the week, you can simply take your pick. My visit this time despite enabling me to visit family and meet up with good friends was for one single Sold Out event organised by collaboration of the ever adept promoter Mr Peeps and the ever unique and professional Puppet Rebellion of whom I am an ardent fan. The evening promised to be what can only be described as prodigious. Full of new music, up and coming promising unsigned bands, all of which I have wanted to see live, after following them on Twitter, Facebook and Sound Cloud. Yet what would be the odds to ever get them all performing at one gig, one venue, The Deaf Insitute, all on the same night, all for a mere £6. A true achievement, hats off to Mr Peeps and Puppet Rebellion for pulling it off. The marketing for the gig had not only been through numerous tweets and posts in the social media sites, but posters, billboard posters and even in the form of chocolate bars, which I was eagerly given by the generous Mr Peeps.


The Deaf Institute is a compact venue with three levels and a car park at the rear for ease (all be it pricey). The music hall upstairs has a 260 head capacity, popular tiered seating area at the rear with bar on the right hand side adorned with speakers on the wall. A glassed fish tank style seating area on the left a level above the venue floor the photographers were able to use to shoot when not down in the crowd. A different set up but none the less impressive to The Academy 3 where I first saw Puppet Rebellion live on 19th April. The line up had obviously stirred the interests of many photographers as there appeared to be many more than usual, as well as videos being shot. It was great to see good friends and photographers again @TrustFox @GBH68 and @midi_photos.

Courtesy of @GBH68

Courtesy of @GBH68

No Hot Ashes – FaceBook No Hot Ashes – Twitter @_NoHotAshes

A fast and furious solid performance kicked off the evening at 7.30pm to a charged crowd by No Hot Ashes a name to remember and one to look out for in the future. An alternative sound fusing classic Indie with funk. Having followed them on Sound Cloud, it was with a sense of awe I marvelled at the unzipped frenzied guitar playing lead by front man Isaac whose energetic performance was complimented by sharp, high speed, throbbing drum beats so skilfully created. A favourite track WOB induced such a high to hear it live it took a while to come back down. I enjoyed their performance so much I even purchased another copy of the EP WOB I had already donated towards and supported on Kick Starter. Enabling me to recreate their performance in the car on my journey home South West.


In between each act Mr Peeps kept a prompt and ready turn around of the bands. Heightening the intensity in the crowd which by now was incredibly almost at full capacity, galvanizing the senses. Impressively members of the other bands mingled in the masses, listening to and supporting each other. I had several conversations having met the guys before with Simon lead, Craig guitarist and Jim bassist of Puppet Rebellion prior to their performance and could sense the excitement mixed with nerves and edginess to perform building up. Huge admiration for their marketing techniques a white board on stage behind the bands throughout the evening showing a repeat film of broken shards of glass featuring the name Puppet Rebellion inside. They drop trendy flyers at the bar, have merchandise for sale (including a limited edition poster), and make a point of talking to as many fans as possible, sipping water as they go.


Moscow – Twitter @MoscowLizards –

I had already been tipped by good friend and the awesome @sqrpig one of the first people I ever encountered on Twitter about how these Stoke on Trent finest could possibly create a storm on the night. I wasn’t disappointed as lead singer Nic Andrews with Jim Morrison like deep rockin seductive and enticing vocals, wowed us with slick tight rope walking at the edge of the stage, continually looking for, an aspect a challenge, he could use for entertainment as with ease he moved wires from under his feet. A cool band with an element of individuality, the drummer pounded beats with passion as the rather reserved guitarists gave way to true showmanship lead by
Nic which stole the show. Great to hear tracks Killing Hope and Truth Vibration from their new EP Pack Animals. An exciting band, these guys have great potential and are one definitely worth supporting and seeing live.


The Back Handers – Twitter @The Backhanders1 – FaceBook The Backhanders

From the beginning the Back Handers made an impact, and showed their huge popularity with their own strong “Barmy Army” Manchester support, as the crowd surged forward, chanting. Front man Stephen had to deal with a guitar strap breaking and then guitar string but with true professionalism
carried on and this just helped build the atmosphere between songs, as with rapid fire they delivered them with vigour and passion. Having followed them on twitter and Sound Cloud it was such a thrill to be dancing and singing along with awesome friends @fezzer70, @sqrpig, @trustfox and @shabbershaw, as they played live favourites such as “Don’t let your man know”, “Memory Lane” and “Camp Fire”. They even gave a brief unique rendition of The Doors “People are Strange” they definitely know how to wow, rally and wind the crowd up with their performance. If you haven’t already got to a live gig, these guys are a must see and one to keep a future eye on.


Puppet Rebellion – FaceBook – Puppet Rebellion – Twitter – @PuppetRebellion

Finally it came to the headliners Puppet Rebellion to complete the evening with cool calm and without hesitation they dived straight into the powerful Chemical Friends from their debut EP, under the same name. They quickly maintained the heat and high energy of the crowd already created via fast succession of the support bands. Simon appeared relaxed and at ease moving around the stage with a real rocklike presence, a lot more defined than when I last saw them live at The Academy 3 in April. Favourites of mine as well as the crowds as they belt the lyrics out in time with Simon from their No means Yes EP “Pirouette” and “Green Eyed Monster” epically performed.
At one point Simon comfortably stood at the edge of the stage and let the guitarist’s Paul, Jim and new drummer Danny, take the limelight while Craig continued to entertain with his velocity of guitar morphed with body movements around the stage.
They had promised on both Twitter and Facebook to play new tracks and they didn’t disappoint with Way ahead of Fashion, Tame Imposter, Cardboard cut out and It’s gonna be ok not only does
this increase the length of set their able to perform but also builds the tension and excitement for a future EP launch.
The finale of the night “The Greatest Lie Ever Told” from their new No Means Yes EP, had Simon leave the stage join the masses and sing into and along with the crowd before being mobbed at the end by adoring fans.

This is a new genre of writing for me as a poet, short story and erotic story writer. However having grown up hanging out as a groupie of signed and unsigned bands, attending as many gigs as I was able to in Greenwich, Woolwich and London. And with my huge love, passion and appreciation for all types of music I thought I would try and convey what a fantastic night Mr Peeps in collaboration with Puppet Rebellion succeeded to create. I’m looking forward to the next.

@ForgottenBee – Bryony Brook – Photographs- Forgottenbee –
Black and White image No Hot Ashes Courtesy of @GBH68

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